The Right Flies, at Just the Right Time - The August Selection

It's August, and as well as our monthly selection of flies, we've also got a special offer for 3 lucky customers this August - see the end of this email for more details.

August is usually dominated by 3 hatches:

  • Olives - In its various forms, the most common up-winged fly on the rivers in August.
  • Midges & Aphids - Often seen in clouds over a sunny part of the river, 'midge' is a generic name for a multitude of small insects. Aphids are in abundance during August, often falling from trees into the water.
  • Beetles (Terrestrials) - The most abundant terrestrial insect found in August. Fish will wait under overhanging vegetation for beetles to drop off, especially when it's a little windy. Try the 'Splash & Twitch' technique - see below.

To tie in with our Fly Anglers Almanac (which is still available to buy, click here), we are making available to you, each month, a selection of the flies - allowing you to 'match the hatch'.

Ok I'm Convinced - Show Me The August Selection

Our August Selection contains 28 flies:

  • Black Foam Klinkhamer - 2 each of sizes 14 & 18
  • Griffith's Sparkle Gnat - 2 each of sizes 14 & 18
  • IOBO Humpy - 2 x of size 14
  • John Storey - 2 each of sizes 14 & 18
  • Olive Foam Klinkhamer - 2 each of sizes 14 & 18
  • Jingler - 2 each of sizes 14 & 18
  • Copper-Head Mary Nymph - 2 x size 18
  • Olive Quill Tungsten Nymph - 2 x size 18
  • Orange-Head Mary Tungsten Nymph - 2 x size 18

Our August Selection is in stock and available now for only £30 (that's just under a 10% saving on buying them individually).

As always we offer fast, free delivery to anywhere in the world
Go on, fill your boots!

As you may be aware we used to provide a subscription service, called The River Box, which has now been discontinued due to the costs of the software to run it! We have decided to make a selection of flies from the book available each month - no need to signup for a subscription, just buy them as and when you want them.

(for more detailed images and sizes of each fly, please visit our website by clicking on any image or button in the email)

The August Selection

This months selection includes one of the best terrestrial flies used in the summer months. Great in warm windy conditions on rivers with a low flow, spooky fish.

The Parachute Beetle

Show Me The August Selection

When fishing Beetle patterns it is important to try to imitate their entry to the water as naturally as possible, this is where those who cast with not too a delicate presentation come to the fore! - try the 'Splash & Twitch' technique, below.

Tips On Fishing Terrestrial Patterns

Tips On Fishing Terrestrial Patterns

In the warmer summer afternoons, a beetle pattern is an essential searching pattern, when fish are not rising.

To search a river:

  1. From the bank, section the river into lanes about 3ft wide.
  2. Cast upstream and make 3 or 4 drifts in the nearest lane, repeat for each lane, working away from you.
  3. Step upstream and repeat the process.

To search a Stillwater:

  1. From the bank, imagine a fan with 8 points laid out on the water.
  2. Cast to each point of the fan 3 or 4 times, and retrieve using the "Splash & Twitch" technique (see below).
  3. Move further along the bank and repeat the process.

"Splash & Twitch" Technique

With each of the searching methods mentioned above, why not give the "Splash & Twitch" technique a go. As Beetles are a land-based insects, they are regularly blown (or drop from trees) onto the water, and they are not that elegant when they do! Don't worry about perfect presentation, it is often better for the fly to splash down on the water, Keep in touch with the drift as the water brings the fly back to you and give the fly a slight twitch every now and then. You will be amazed how often this inducement will bring up a fish! Don't forget to drift the beetle under any overhanging branches.

"Dry Nymph" Technique

Most natural terrestrials start to sink after hitting the water. If your floating terrestrial pattern sinks midway through a drift, just fish it as you would a nymph. Some of the best fishing to be had on a warm summers afternoon can be by fishing sunk beetles as you would a nymph on a long leader.

Show Me The August Selection

August Hatches

To get you ready for fishing in August, we have reproduced our specific hatch cards for both Rivers and Stillwaters below: 

 Show Me The August Selection


August Giveaway

Whilst chatting to our friendly picture framer (he has the business next door to us), he commented on our beer mats/coasters - he asked if he could have some to play about with - and this is the result:

We love it - and it's now proudly hanging in the shop. We asked if he could make 3 more for us, to give away to our customer for the fantastic support you have given us over the past 18 months. All you need do to enter is place an order with us at any point from today (31st July) until midnight on the 31st of August for more than £30 - the more orders you place, the more entries you will have!

We will put all of the qualifying entries into a 'flat cap' and draw out the three lucky winners on Wednesday 1st September.

As this is a competition of sorts, there are always some rules, and here's ours:
This competition will close at 23:59 on the 31st of August, any orders received after this time will not be considered.

  • The competition will run from today (31st of July) until 23:59 on the 31st of August 2021.
  • The judge's (i.e. Richard's) decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Each individual order placed which totals more than £30 will be classed as an entry.
  • Barbless Flies is compliant with the data protection act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.
  • If you have any questions on any of the above, please email us: