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We hope this email finds you, your family and friends well. We would like to start by thanking you so much for your continued support, it really does bring a smile to our faces when we receive feedback from you. I've no doubt that both we and the entire fly fishing community will face many challenges over the coming weeks and months. It seems we are pretty fortunate in that our business is 100% online, and subject to any movement restrictions or government guidance, we will still be accepting orders (even though fly fishing is probably the last thing on anyone's mind right now) - please be aware that deliveries may take longer at this time. For anyone who is self-isolating, we are really proud to support...

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Casting - Italian Style

For so many of us dry fly fishing represents the pinnacle of the sport. Successful dry fly fishing in rivers requires a combination of 3 elements:- river craft, fly presentation, and the fly itself. The first skill includes knowing the likely places where fish may lie, and to read the major and local micro-currents in the water flow.

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Magnet-ique Launch

Over the past 12 months we have been working on a secret project which has just come to fruition this month. We have formed a sister company in partnership with a talented fly angler and designer (Darrell Upton).

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Fly Fishing the Mayfly Lifecycle

Ever wondered why Mayflies are considered as one of the most valuable species in the world of fly fishing? The Ephemera danica, commonly known as the Mayfly, are one of the most important foods for trouts due to their nutritional factor and therefore play a very important role during the trout fishing season.    

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