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We hope this email finds you, your family and friends well. We would like to start by thanking you so much for your continued support, it really does bring a smile to our faces when we receive feedback from you. I've no doubt that both we and the entire fly fishing community will face many challenges over the coming weeks and months. It seems we are pretty fortunate in that our business is 100% online, and subject to any movement restrictions or government guidance, we will still be accepting orders (even though fly fishing is probably the last thing on anyone's mind right now) - please be aware that deliveries may take longer at this time. For anyone who is self-isolating, we are really proud to support...

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River Master - Grayling - Part 5

Autumn Fishing For Grayling Autumn is all about searching for the fish as they will be spread around the river and generally living in very small groups – use a searching method. During Autumn, you will either be fishing very small dry flies or nymphs. I will not explain the dry fly method, as there are numerous other posts on the subject, but I will discuss a few of the basic nymphing method for Grayling. Nymphing Methods It’s important to note that when nymphing, you have to be quite methodical and logical when fishing the river. I’ve always found the best way to do it is to imagine the river is split up into a number of lanes (just like...

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River Master - Grayling - Part 4

  We hope you are enjoying the series of articles so far, in this article we are going to look at the basic setup and methods used to target Grayling. Before I start this, i'm no expert (more of an enthusiastic amateur!) and what follows below is just what I have learnt over the years and have found works. A Bit of Background Information Before the winter frosts Grayling will not be shoaled up, therefore it’s important to fish where the grayling are (I know it sounds obvious!). Therefore the likely spots are exactly where you would find trout: Gravel bottoms In the seam of two currents In the foam line – Remember “foam is your home” Just off and...

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River Master - Grayling - Part 3

We hope you are enjoying the series of articles so far, in this article we are going to look at the tackle used to target Grayling (everything except the fly and leader setups – we’re covering those in more depth in future articles). Equipment The first thing I would like to point out is that if you do not have any of the equipment discussed below, it doesn’t matter, you can quite easily target Grayling with standard dry fly gear – you just may have to adapt slightly. Just get out there and enjoy it. The Rod There has already been lots written about specialist nymphing rods, and to some degree, if you’re going to do lots of nymph fishing...

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River Master - Grayling - Part 2

Welcome to the second part in our Grayling series. This week we are taking a look at grayling fishing in Autumn and Winter and pulling out the highlights and a few interesting facts which you may (or may not) already know. Grayling fishing is the perfect way to extend your fly fishing beyond the trout season! The grayling spawning season begins and ends in spring while the trout’s season begins in late autumn and ends in early winter. Both these factors make grayling extremely popular for fly fishing during Autumn and Winter. Similar to trout fishing but coming into its own in the Autumn, fishing for grayling is most successful when you opt for fishing spots with gravel (or light...

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