Jamie Sandford - Carp Selection

Jamie Sandford - Carp Selection

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Jamie Sandford is 28 and lives in the North-West of England.  He has fished from a very early age and in particular loves Lure fishing. Jamie enjoys fishing for a variety of species both in the U.K. and Abroad and has been lucky enough to catch some very special fish from Flats in Portugal, Rivers in Spain and Lakes in France. In recent years he has taken a real interest (and become a leading light) in one particular method - CARP ON THE FLY.

Jamie takes his inspiration from American and European 'FlyCarpers' and has always tried to incorporate varying methods and Ideas into his own fishing here in the UK.

Here we present the Jamie Sandford Signature Carp Selection:

Chernobyl Carp

"This fly is tied taking inspiration from the classic pattern the 'CHERNOBYL ANT'; however this fly incorporates certain aspects that I feel I didn’t have with flies that are currently available on the market when wanting to target Carp with a surface floating pattern.", Jamie Sandford 2018

There are floating patterns like 'Bread Flies and Deer Hair mixer patterns' available but Jamie felt it was always fun experimenting with other 'alternative surface patterns'. This is the fly to be used when Carp are cruising around the surface/taking items off the top. This fly can be used to target individual fish that are 'clooping', or cast at a group that will actively compete with each other to take an item off the surface.

These flies are available in sizes 10 and 12, this selection contains two each of both sizes.

Pink Lure

"The concept behind this fly was one that came about 2-3 years ago when targeting Carp at a local fishery with the fly rod. It was a hot sunny day and Carp were cruising along the surface, however this particular session the Carp refused to take a fly off the top. With this in mind I 'went to them' taking a 'Pink Fritz Gold Head Lure' from my fly box and attached it to my tippet. I actively cast and retrieved ahead of cruising Carp and received a savage take as a Carp chased and engulfed the Lure.", Jamie Sandford 2018

The application of this fly is best suited to when Carp can be visibly stalked and sight fished and a response/take can be achieved.

These flies are available in sizes 10 and 12, this selection contains two each of both sizes.

Stand Up Carp

"This fly is my take on the already available 'HYBRID' pattern which is of American design and has many variants – Pink is a running theme throughout my flies/lures and I like to think this variant incorporates both classic and alternative features in one.", Jamie Sandford 2018

The use of this fly is to be used with the 'DRAG & DROP' method when Carp can be actively seen 'Tailing' in the margins or hunting for food items in shallow clear water.

Drag & Drop: Cast the fly ahead of the tailing/moving fish and swiftly drag the fly along the waters surface before dropping in front of the fish.

These flies are available in sizes 10 and 12, this selection contains two each of both sizes.


The above price includes 12 hand-tied Carp flies supplied in our eco-friendly packaging.

We currently have these fly selections in stock and will ship these to you as soon as we receive notification of your payment, generally if a payment is made in the morning your flies will be with you the very next day. All products from Barbless Flies are shipped free of charge, to anywhere in the world.