About us

This websites was originally conceived whilst fishing a small Wiltshire river in late 2010. I had got to the bank and was tackling up and just about to head into the river, when I realised that I had left my forceps (used to de-barb my flies) back at home. The thought then struck me that it was nearly impossible to buy ready-made barbless flies of sufficient quality from any of the normal online retailers (when did you last buy any flies from a tackle shop!). After further thought I then promptly did nothing and completely forgot about it!

Then in early 2012, when the same thing happened again, I decided that if other retailers were not going to address the market, then I would have a go at doing it myself. Hence this website.

I aim to bring to the market a wide range of barbless flies, all professionally tied to extremely high standards using first class materials. I also aim to innovate, hopefully you will see that if you have a look at what products we have to offer.

I do understand that any retailer (especially online) stands and falls by the quality of its customer service. Therefore we aim to meet and where possible exceed your expectations.

A bit about myself. I only picked up a fishing rod again in 2007, after a 20 year break. I really enjoy my fishing, almost exclusively rivers. I now would not be without my 10' 2# rod. I tend to fish light tackle for small wild trout. Which is one of the reasons why a percentage of the profits this site makes will be donated to the Wild Trout Trust. I don't profess to be an expert at fishing, but I do know that if I can supply a quality product at an affordable price then business should be brisk.

Lets hope so!

Richard Fieldhouse

September 2012