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GRANNOM   The Grannom is a member of the Beraeidae family (Brachycentrus subnubilus) - consisting of around 30 distinct Caddis/Sedge species found throughout the UK, Europe and Russia. These Caddis flies are known as "humpless case-maker Caddis flies". These flies are easily identified in April as they will generally be the only Caddis fly on the water. The Grannom Caddis can be identified by its smokey grey coloured wings, which can have a slight yellowish tinge to them. Please Note: You will often see these flies referred to as either Caddis or Sedge; they are both the same and are interchangeable as far as the fly angler is concerned. Where To Find Them Grannom can be found in every part of the British Isles. They can be especially prolific in Central, Southern...

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Large Stonefly

 Large Stonefly The Stonefly is a member of the Plecoptera family - consisting of many distinct species, however, the difference between species is minimal and as far as the fly angler is concerned they can all be grouped together as one. These flies are easily identified at this time of year as they will be the only fly on the water which has two separate pairs of wings.   Where To Find Them Similar to March Browns, the Large Stonefly are more commonly found on the larger, faster rocky rivers in the north of England, and throughout Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Large Stoneflies prefer rocky or stony rivers with faster flowing water. When To Find Them The Large Stonefly hatch usually starts in the first two weeks of April and usually continues until the...

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March Brown

With the Trout season starting on various rivers throughout the UK in March, fly anglers thoughts switch from Grayling to Trout. The first insect which pops up on the fly anglers radar in March is the aptly named March Brown.

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