Barbless Salmon Flies

Salmon flies come in a number of different styles, sizes, colours and designs to help you catch the most elusive of fish, no matter your environment. Here at Barbless Flies, we have a wide range of barbless Salmon flies for sale so you’re guaranteed to find the ideal flies for your next trip. As Salmon are not thought to feed when back in their home rivers, our flies are designed to provoke the Salmon to take the fly (more out of annoyance than anything else) . We have a number of different Salmon flies online for you to choose from.

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Double hook Salmon flies

Almost all locations you can go fishing are now exclusively catch and release, and our barbless double hook Salmon flies are made to the highest quality so you can keep on using them, fishing trip after fishing trip. Our Salmon flies are ideal if you’re looking to build up a long lasting fly collection for river fishing.

Our Salmon flies for sale will revolutionise your river fishing

It’s our range of barbless Salmon flies online that sets us apart, with our flies coming in a variety of patterns, colours, sizes. One colour never fits all when you’re fishing, but you’ll be able to find everything you need to catch the Salmon you want.

Salmon anglers can never have enough flies, but our extensive range of Salmon flies for sale will help you to expand your collection – essential if your other salmon flies simply aren’t working.

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