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*** Please remember this offer will close at 23:59 on Sunday 6th September ***

Today, for the very first, and only time in 2020, we are releasing a nymphing outfit, each component individually selected to compliment the whole setup. We are bringing this full outfit to you for an incredible £149 - top value for an outfit of this kind. To allow us to bring you this offer we have to order in bulk which also means that time is very limited (this offer closes at 11:59 on Sunday).

This is the only time we are offering this outfit in 2020.

We have spent the last few months testing various rod/reel/line combo's out at various price points. We were searching for the impossible (or so it seemed), a rod, reel and line combo which worked in harmony together, fished with feel and was priced to allow everyone access.

What we have eventually ended up with is an outfit which performs well above its price point whilst also offering lots of scope for the 'new to nymphing' angler to improve their technique (without investing in new and upgraded gear). The Holy Grail then - well not quite, but pretty close. There are better rods and reels out there, but for the increase in cost, you will not see anywhere near the same increase in performance. So on to the outfit ...

We started with the Rod ... We decided that for the best of both worlds (Nymphing with the occasional dry fly) that a 3 weight was required. We also looked at the length and found that 10' was the optimum length for when fishing on both medium and larger rivers - so a 10' 3wt was the rod of choice, so which one did we choose?

The NEXTackle LL Nymph:

This 10' 3wt NEXTackle LL Nymph rod is made of 30T IM6 carbon (in an Olive-Brown colour), one of the most widely used materials for fly rods in the industry because of its reliability. The action is progressive, medium-fast. Medium fast fly rods allow the use of finer tippets, smaller flies, more precise accuracy at shorter range, and an overall improved feel.

Using Pac Bay single-legged, hard-chrome guides (and double-legged stripping guide). Single-legged guides because most nymphing setups use specialized small diameter fly lines/leaders. With an aluminium reel seat made by Sea Guide, one of the best fly rod components manufacturers around today, this reel seat balances the rod much better without compromising the weight. The handle is made of AAA quality cork.

This gives the rod an overall weight of 113g.

And then to the Reel ... Reels are generally thought of as only there to hold the line - let's face it we're hardly going to need the drag for the majority of fish we catch here in the UK. But, in a Nymphing setup, the reel performs other functions as well, to balance the rod and reduce line memory. As we are using thinner lines and longer rods we need a reel which will also cause less memory in the thinner lines (so it need a large arbour). We decided to go for a light reel but in a size up from the rod - enter the 5/6wt Graphite reel:

This 5/6wt reel was designed with a graphite frame and large arbour spool to be extremely light weight, utilising a strong smooth disc drag. Manufactured from a tough graphite composite with exterior polyurethane rim for durability and increased grip. Ventilated spool and arbor for decreased weight and extra fast line drying. Fast spool release with a simple push of a button. This reel will easily take any required line for nymphing.

The reel has an overall weight of 120g.

For the line, we decided to use our very own new Specialist Nymphing Line. We love the way this line fishes:

  • Very thin lines cut through the air easily and can be fished (without tangles) on even the windiest of days. We love the way this is much easier to manage than either mono or braid.
  • This line is ultra-sensitive, meaning you can feel the flies all the way through the drift.

This new line has a bright orange sighter tip which is extra long (around 1m in length) this is much more visual.

Enter our new 'Euro Style' Specialist Nymph Line:

Our Specialist Nymph Fly Line has the following properties:

    • Very Thin - 0.62mm level line
    • It Floats, for when you need to change styles and nymph at longer ranges
    • Micro welded loops on either end of the fly line
    • Total Length - 28m (90ft)
    • Low-Stretch braided core
    • Olive Green with a built-in Orange indicator tip for easier take detection

Just to reiterate, we are bringing this full outfit (rod, reel & specialist nymphing line) to you for an incredible £149 all in (including free delivery to any UK address). To allow us to bring you this offer we have to order in bulk which also means that time is limited (the offer closes at 11:59 on Sunday).

NB. We will make the Nymphing rod available to purchase separately, for only £129, please contact us by email for more information.

*** We will not be offering this Outfit again until September 2021 ***

Please remember, this offer will close at 23:59 on Sunday 6th September