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We have decided that where we can we would like to help preserve the environment for all the fish in our rivers. We have teamed up with The Wild Trout Trust, and now offer the option of "minimal packaging". This allows us to send you your flies with no free plastic fly boxes (after all we've already got loads of fly boxes!), but more importantly for each selection we sell with minimal packaging, we will donate 50p to the Wild Trout Trust on your behalf. For more information on the minimal packaging option, please click here.


Keatons has been specifically designed as a simple catch care aid for when, as happens, deeper or difficult to access hook holds occur notably with regard to nymphs and smaller or juvenile Trout and Grayling. The tip is compatible with all conventional shapes, sizes and dressings of hook, including beads.

 Maxia Rods


Maxia Rods, for light fishing., Great fly fishing blog., if you want to get away from it all. 

Wild stream & mountain Llyn (lake) fly fishing
for brown trout in Herefordshire, Worcestershire,
Shropshire and Mid Wales.