Tina's Scuds

​Tina Possnig is a Slovenian fly tyer, her stunning creations are known to fool fish all around the world. We asked her if she would tie up some of her famous Scuds for us, here they are:

In Tina's own words:, here's why she does it:

"I saw the first scud fly about 9 years ago. I had just a few hours of fly tying behind me than and even less fishing. The scud was made by a remarkable Slovenian fly tyer Ivo Kajznik, he was "the father" of this specific kind of so called "epoxy" scud fly design. My friend only had 3 of them, saved as souvenirs. Like any serious and very optimistic fly tyer would do, I tried to make it myself. To cut the story short... the shape of the first one wasn't even so bad, but to be honest, it was still ugly as... I'll never forget my friend saying to me:" don't even try, you'll never be able to tie a masterpiece like that ". Well, a few years went by... I spent days, weeks, months experimenting, mostly through bursts of obsession. I found many interesting ways, predominantly, how not to make them. It's funny how you can make one, but making thousands is a whole different story."

"Scuds... they are fascinating creatures and fish love them. Seriously, I decided to dig deep into this little buggers and offer you as much shade variations, sizes, shapes, weights, hook types, hot spots imitating parasites... and more as I possibly can."

Here's just a flavour of the flies which Tina has created for us, you can view them all by clicking here (or on any image on this page):