Barbless Fly Reviews

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These really are top quality flies. They are tied with fine attention to detail, good materials and perfect proportions. They are bespoke, beautiful flies with a the price tag that would usually result in disappointment for the fly buyer. Not in this case!DAVE WILTSHIRE, MAY 2015
A better selection for the money I am yet to find.DAVE WILTSHIRE, OCTOBER 2012
If you're struggling to tie small nymphs in time for your grayling season, struggle with the smaller sizes of hooks, or simply want to add to your current selection, these come highly recommended.DAVE WILTSHIRE, OCTOBER 2012
I bought both the Nymph and Klink and Dink selection before I started tying my own. Excellent flies, seriously well tied at a very very good price. Highly recommended.THEYOUNGGUN (FLYFISHING.CO.UK FORUM), APRIL 2014
These are a serious bargain at the price and that is without the added bonus of the postage and fly protector included. Good hooks and well tied and proportioned flies, even if like me you tie your own they are well worth it as a set of backup patterns.BUZZERMAN (FLYFISHING.CO.UK FORUM), APRIL 2014
Received my dry fly selection and can only endorse every word said by Buzzerman. Excellent quality,excellent value and excellent service.MAT ELOT (FLYFISHING.CO.UK FORUM), MAY 2014