Fly Anglers Almanac 2021

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There are not many firsts in fly fishing - but this, we believe, is one of them. Essentially it is a journal to accompany you throughout your fly fishing year. Something you can annotate and make notes in, allowing you to refer back to in years to come - helping you ‘crack the code’ on those difficult days.

We’ve called it an Almanac as it takes its inspiration from a few different sources, think of it as a cross over between:

  • Old Moore’s Almanac - An annual publication which prophecies what will happen throughout the year - only this one is fly fishing related.
  • The Fly Fishers Entomology - A seminal publication from 1836 by Alfred Ronalds, the first to detail river fly life from the angler's point of view.
  • A Moleskine Diary - As used by Van Gogh, Picasso & Ernest Hemingway
The 2021 Fly Anglers Almanac is a paperback with 350gsm covers, printed using high-quality uncoated paper (allowing you to easily jot any notes etc), it is roughly 100 pages long. To see the contents of the Almanac and example pages (there's even a video), please read towards the end of this email.

For each month in the fly fishing year - covering Trout and Grayling - there are pages detailing hatch charts, fly imitation info and catch return/notes.

Here's an example of the page for March, this shows a calendar, a note on what to expect fishing wise, a hatch chart and some hints and tips for insects which should hatch in March and how best to imitate them:

The 2021 Fly Anglers Almanac outlines which flies are expected to hatch and which flies to use to best imitate them. It follows the fly fishing year - starting in March 2021 (ending in February 2022) - detailing the hatches and flies to use for each month. Along with all the hatches and fly info, there's a whole host of other information, including specific insect info and even pages to jot down your notes and your catch return for each month.
We did a quick video of the Almanac, so you can see the content and the quality:
Should you wish to buy an eBook (electronic) copy of the 2021 Fly Anglers Almanac, please use this link.