Minimal Packaging

Wild Trout Trust

Supporting the Wild Trout Trust

With all of our fly selections coming with a free 8-compartment plastic fly box, we regularly get asked to supply the flies without any plastic boxes (as we've all got loads of fly boxes already - and we would like to do our bit to help the environment). We had a think about it and wondered if there was some way we could combine this with helping out our favourite charity (The Wild Trout Trust). Well here's what we have come up with:

For every fly selection we sell, we will give you the option of "Minimal Packaging", what this means is that the flies will be delivered to you in a plastic bag (or small cardboard box in the case of hackled flies). In turn, (at the end of  each year) we will donate 50p from each fly selection sold with minimal packaging to the Wild Trout Trust on your behalf.

*** Don't panic, we will still send you free sweets ***

If you do not know much about the Wild Trout Trust: they are a conservation charity that focuses on practical work to improve habitat for trout across the UK and Ireland.  Although they only have few staff, they have a big impact because they work with grass roots organisations (fishing clubs, local communities and conservation groups) and landowners to give them the inspiration, advice and practical skills to improve and maintain their lake or river for the benefit of trout and all wildlife.

Most of their members, supporters and staff are fishermen, but they are not a fishing organisation. 

They simply love wild trout and the rivers they live in; the trout are an indicator that much in and around the river is well. They want to make sure that trout and all that they stand for are there for future generations."

You can find out more about The Wild Trout Trust on their website ( or by following this link.