Grayling Steel Blue

The Grayling Steel Blue Kit

Feathersmith was born from the passion we have here at Barbless Flies for fly fishing. We treat all of our flies as we would a piece of jewellery and look at each as a miniature work of art - it's all about quality materials and attention to detail.

This first in the series of kits focuses on the Grayling Steel Blue - a pattern made popular by Roger Woolley, tested and developed on the River Dove. This fly is perfect for targeting both Trout and Grayling on the dry and is one of the most successful dry fly patterns in the Autumn.

Our Grayling Steel Blue kit contains:

  • Ahrex FW503 Barbless Hooks (10 each of size 12, 14 & 16)
  • Semperfli Classic red 12/0 Thread
  • Gold Wire 0.1mm
  • Peacock Dubbing Mix
  • Whiting Hackle Grizzly/Dun

PLEASE NOTE: If you're just starting out on tying flies, these bonus videos from our fly-tying maestro in Bosnia will give you a great grounding. They are designed to, give you the basic skills required to tie any fly in our Feathersmith kits: 

Click Here To View The Beginning Fly Tying Video Lessons

First lets explain a little about the history of the Grayling Steel Blue, and why it is considered so successful when fishing for Grayling:

Now you know a little about the flies history, lets show you how to tie it:

Tying Notes:

Within the Grayling Steel Blue kit you will find a series of feathers which are used to tie the body, these are labelled in different sizes based on the length of each fibre. Here's which feather to use for each hook size provided in our kit:

- Grizzly/Dun Hackle Size #14 -> Size 12 Hook
- Grizzly/Dun Hackle Size #16 -> Size 14 Hook
- Grizzly/Dun Hackle Size #18 -> Size 16 Hook

I'm assuming you now have a box full of Grayling Steel Blue dry flies - all tied by yourself. So, how do you fish them?

"it's all about quality materials and attention to detail"