Fly Tying For Beginners

With Kenan Haseta

Kenan Haseta is a professional fly tyer and keen fly angler, he's a regular visitor to the Ribnik to test out his creations, he's also 'our man in Bosnia' and has been tying stunning 'one-off' creations for us for the last few years, his tying skills are second to none. 

We know that our Feathersmith kits appeal to both the beginner and more experienced fly tyers, since launching our first kits we've had quite a few enquiries asking if we could provide a 'basic set of skills' course to help those of you just starting out on this fantastic hobby.

We've asked Kenan a few times if he would share his experience and skills in video format - he's pretty shy and always wanted to be behind, rather than in front, of the camera. So we twisted his arm a little and he's agreed!

Kenan has created a set of 'basic skills' videos for us, with detailed explanations of the tools, hooks, materials and how to dress a hook.

So, here we present to you all the basic skills you need to get you up and running tying your own flies:

Our first video focuses on the Vice:

Next, it's all about the tools required to tie a fly:

Next, it's all about the hooks used in fly tying:

Next, it's all about the different materials available:

Next, it's all about how to attach those materials to a hook:

Next, it's all about how to work with CdC feathers:

And finally, how to whip finish a fly:

"it's all about quality materials and attention to detail"