SalmonHunter - Nylon Tippet
SalmonHunter - Nylon Tippet

SalmonHunter - Nylon Tippet

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SalmonHunter Nylon Tippet

SalmonHunter Nylon is constructed with the highest quality co-polymers available. This unique blend is double coated for maximum knot reliability and water repellency providing the strongest break strength to diameter of any supple tippet material available. SalmonHunter Nylon is the choice when the situation demands exceptional presentation and performance.


  • 7-10% higher breaking strength than regular TroutHunter nylon, both straight and knot strength
  • The tippet has a superb and very supple feel to it
  • Superb knot strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Nearly invisible due to low refractive index.
  • 50 meter spools afford anglers superior material at a low per meter price.
  • Proprietary misty grey polycarbonate large arbor spool. Designed for low material memory and easy handling in a stackable, compact, durable design.
  • Premium rubber, water repellant tippet tender. Unique colors for each diameter.