Winter Grayling

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Winter Grayling

Before I start this email, I need to make you aware that we only have
15 of these kits available - and they will go very quickly - so you will
need to be a bit quick off the mark today!!
We've been working on a series of ideas for products to replace the Monthly
Subscription Box we used to run, and here's the first of them for 2022, just in
time for the really cold weather - at the end of this email we've also included
some great tips on keeping warm on those really cold Grayling days.

The series of products are called 'All You Need For ...' and the first of these for
this year is 'Winter Grayling':

The 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each
technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.
Replacing our 'Grayling In A Box' product, which we started a few years ago,
the All You Need For ... Winter Grayling is supplied to you with everything
you need for those Winter Grayling expeditions (except the rod and reel) -
we've even included a few things to keep you nice and warm - no, we've not
included a tot of Whiskey! Inside each box you will find the best and highest
quality products currently available, along with full instructions explaining how
to master the art and fish it, we've done all the hard work for you - no more
searching and buying individual components to complete your setup - it's all
here in a single box.

*** We've only got 15 of these kits available, so if you would like one you

will need to be quick! ***
Ok, so what's included in the box?

To start with we have got you covered on the business end - only the best
leader available:
Not forgetting the flies - 36 of the most popular Grayling flies on the
market today:
Last, but not least, a few extra's from Haago to help keep you warm:
We've got you covered on all fronts with this kit - We have put together
everything you will need to get you started (apart from the rod & reel). Included

in our 'All You Need' box is:
1 x RIO Nymphing Indicator Leader
1 x Grayling Selection - Updated for 2022
1 x New Czech Nymph Selection
10 x 2mm Tippet Rings
2 x Pairs of Haago Hand Warmers
2 x Pairs of Haago Toe Warmers
2 x Pairs of Haago Foot Warmers
1 x Euro-Nymphing Instruction Sheet

Go on, treat yourself this Winter!
We are bringing our All You Need For ... Winter Grayling box to you for only
£45 (retail price for all the individual components bought separately would be in
excess of £65). We've only got 15 of these available, so you will need to be

Just click on any image or button within this email to see more details on each
component and buy your box.

Don't forget - We deliver all orders fast and free, anywhere in the world

When fishing for Grayling it is usually in the Autumn and Winter, not the
warmest of seasons. To prolong the amount of time you have in the water it is
essential that you dress for the occasion. Here’s a quick rundown of what I
have found useful over the years:

Merino base layers - Merino wool is the finest and softest wool on the planet.
It is both hard-wearing and durable especially when worn directly in contact
with your skin (it also does not scratch like other materials can). Merino wool is
best used when the body is not moving around too much (i.e. when you’re
fishing) the insulating, wicking, and cooling properties of merino make it just the
right fibre for the job. Keep an eye on the weekly offers which Lidl/Aldi have,
they sometimes have great deals on Merino wool base layers.

Wear warm socks – To help you fish for longer in the colder weather, it is
essential that you keep warm, especially your feet. Warm feet will also make
sure your wading is not compromised and may just save you from a dunking.
I’ve tried numerous different types of socks, but I always return to the wader
socks which Orvis sell, in my opinion, they cannot be beaten (although they are
quite expensive).

Neck warmer – I find that keeping both the front and back of my neck warm
always helps me concentrate for longer and helps to prolong my time in the
river. Neck warmers can be bought from nearly every outdoors shop and can
be picked up for less than £10 (a bargain when you can get extra hours on the

Hand warmers – I usually pick up a few of the disposable hand warmers
whenever I see them (you know the sort that looks like a giant tea bag). I find
they are great to put in your wader pocket, as well as keeping your hands
warm, they also do a good job of keeping your chest warm! I’ve used the Zippo
handwarmer on quite a few occasions but have found it very difficult to light and
get going, but when it does it’s fantastic.

Each of our 'All You Need For ..' boxes includes simple step-by-step
instructions and everything you need to get you started. If there are any others
which you think we should do, just reply to this email and let us know, we're
open to any suggestions - so long as they're legal!

Tight lines & stay safe.