All You Need For ... Winter Grayling

All You Need For ... Winter Grayling

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Fancy starting Grayling fishing this Winter - read on ...

The 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.

Replacing our 'Grayling In A Box' product, which we started a few years ago, the All You Need For ... Winter Grayling is supplied to you with everything you need for those Winter Grayling expeditions (except the rod and reel) - we've even included something to keep you nice and warm! Inside each box you will find the best and highest quality products available, along with full instructions explaining how to set it all up and fish it, we've done all the hard work for you - no more searching and buying individual components to complete your setup - it's all here in a single box.

We've got you covered - We have put together everything you will need to get you started (apart from the rod & reel). Included in our 'All You Need' box is:

    • 1 x Hends 9m French Leader
    • 1 x Hends In-Line Indicator
    • 2 x Massimo Magliocco Elastic Indicators
    • 2 x Spools of Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon (4.75lb & 3.5lb)
    • 10 x Tippet Rings
    • 10 of our most successful Grayling flies (barbless of course!)
    • 2 x Knot Cards
    • 2 x Instruction Sheets
    • 1 x Pair of Handwarmers!!



All of this for only £45 (when bought separately this would be roughly £60). 

Here's what is included:

Full Setup Instructions (including Knot Cards and Hints & Tips Sheet)

Included within the kit is an instruction sheet complete with diagrams, showing you how to rig up your kit for best use. Also included are all the knot cards giving you step-by-step instructions on how to tie each knot. We are also including our 'Euro Nymph Manifesto' which is a sheet full of handy hints and tips on how to get started with this style of fishing.

9m French Leader:

Hends Camou French Leaders are ready-made, extra-long 9 meter tapered leaders designed for French nymphing i.e. using no fly line at all and just having the leader through the rod rings. They are extremely effective when fishing all types of nymphs (and great when targeting spooky fish with small dry flies). They have virtually no memory and will cast even the smallest of flies.

    These leaders have been designed to be used specifically with Euro Nymphing rods (i.e. lightweight rods which are over 9ft in length), but we have found they work equally as well with shorter rods when nymphing on those really hard to get at areas!

    Seaguar Fluorocarbon:

    Whenever you are Grayling fishing it is always worthwhile stepping up the strength of tippet you are using. We are including 2 spools of the very popular Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon - the very best there is. A general rule of thumb to use when deciding on the overall length of your rig is: use 1.5 times the depth at which you want to fish, so if the area you are fishing is 4ft deep, ensure the overall length of your rig is around 6ft long. We are supplying 2 spools of Seaguar Grand Max (4.75lb & 3.5lb), each spool contains 30 yards.

    Hends In-Line Indicator:

    This is a short length of coloured indicator braid, with tippet rings tied at each end. Highly visible, making it very easy to detect even the slightest of takes.

    Massimo Magliocco's Elastic Indicator:

    This indicator is a 'game-changer' for us. These easy-to-see indicators are made from tough elastic and allow you to use very fine tippets, the indicator acts as a shock absorber protecting your thinner tippets. The elastic indicator has built-in loops at each end.

    Tippet Rings:

    We are including a set of 10 x tippet rings. These are very small and do not affect the sensitivity of the rig, but do make changing tippet very easy. Just tie the tippet rings as described in the enclosed information sheet.

    Grayling Flies:

    We thought we had better start you off on the right foot as far as flies are concerned (as that's what we do)! We are including 5 each of our most popular Grayling nymphs (Pink Squirrel & Ginger Tom).


    We all know that fishing in the depths of winter is difficult, and made even more so when your hands are cold. That's why we've included a pair of hand warmers - there are guaranteed to keep you and your hands warm throughout the day - TOP TIP - keep them in your wader chest pocket and you will also warm up your body at the same time.


    We currently have the "All You Need For ... Winter Grayling" in stock and ready to dispatch. Generally, if you order in the morning you will have your kit the very next day (assuming you're in the UK of course). As usual, we ship all our orders free of charge to anywhere in the world.