All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling
All You Need For ... Winter Grayling

All You Need For ... Winter Grayling

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Fancy starting Grayling fishing this Winter?

Our 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.

Replacing our 'Grayling In A Box' product, which we started a few years ago, the All You Need For ... Winter Grayling is supplied to you with everything you need for those Winter Grayling expeditions (except the rod and reel) - we've even included something to keep you nice and warm! Inside each box you will find the best and highest quality products available, along with full instructions explaining how to set it all up and fish it, we've done all the hard work for you - no more searching and buying individual components to complete your setup - it's all here in a single box.

We've got you covered - We have put together everything you will need to get you started (apart from the rod & reel). Included in our 'All You Need' box is:

    • 1 x RIO Nymphing Indicator Leader
    • 1 x Grayling Selection - Updated for 2022
    • 1 x New Czech Nymph Selection
    • 10 x 2mm Tippet Rings
    • 2 x Pairs of Hand Warmers
    • 2 x Pairs of Toe Warmers
    • 2 x Pairs of Foot Warmers
    • 1 x Euro-Nymphing Instruction Sheet

Retail price for all of the above is in excess of £65 - We are bringing this to you for only £45 - but, we've only a few available, so you will need to be quick! 

Here's what is included:

1 x RIO Euro-Nymph Indicator Leader:

RIO’S EURO NYMPH LEADERS are designed with a unique taper to meet the needs of the European nymphing methods for competitors and first timers.

These 11’ leaders are built out of a high-vis milky white tapered leader which is hand tied to 22” of RIO's Indicator Tippet material. This gives maximum visibility in all lighting conditions to make subtle strike detection easier. The leader ends with a tippet ring and requires you to attach you own tippet to properly match the water type.


  • Opaque white leader for visibility
  • High-viz two-tone indicator tippet for maximum strike detection
  • Trout/Grayling sized tippet ring for fast rigging

36 x Grayling Flies:

We thought we had better start you off on the right foot as far as flies are concerned. Which is why we are including the most popular Grayling flies we do - The Grayling Selection - which we've updated for 2022 to include more flies and our popular New Czech Nymph Selection. In total there are 36 of the best Grayling flies available.

10 x Tippet Rings:

We are including a set of 10 x tippet rings. These are very small and do not affect the sensitivity of the rig, but do make changing tippet very easy. Just tie the tippet rings as described in the enclosed information sheet.

6 x Hand, Foot & Toe Warmers:

We all know that fishing in the depths of winter is difficult, and made even more so when your hands and feet are cold. That's why we've included two full sets of hand, foot and toe warmers - these are guaranteed to keep you, your hands and feet warm throughout the day. These Haago warmers are the best in the business - I've been using them over the last few weeks and they stay hot for 8 hours - more than enough to see you through a good Grayling session.

TOP TIP - Keep the hand warmers in your wader chest pocket and you will also warm up your body at the same time. 

1 x Set of Instructions

We are also including our 'Euro Nymph Manifesto' which is a sheet full of handy hints and tips on how to get started with this style of fishing.

We currently have the "All You Need For ... Winter Grayling" in stock and ready to dispatch. Generally, if you order in the morning you will have your kit the very next day (assuming you're in the UK of course). As usual, we ship all our orders free of charge to anywhere in the world.