The Right Flies, at Just the Right Time - The September Selection

It's September and this month is usually dominated by 3 hatches:

  • Terrestrials - September is known for the Daddy-Long Legs, and Beetles - we've got you covered for those in this months selection. 
  • Sedges - Don't get to the river without any sedge patterns in September, it's one of the most popular flies encountered both at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Iron Blues - The re-appearance of the Iron Blue, in the late season is a bonus for the fly angler.
  • Olives - In its various forms, the most common up-winged fly on the rivers in September.

To tie in with our Fly Anglers Almanac (which is still available to buy, click here), we are making available to you, each month, a selection of the flies - allowing you to 'match the hatch'.

Ok I'm Convinced - Show Me The September Selection

Our September Selection contains 26 flies (18 dries & 8 nymphs):

  • Deadly Daddy - 1 x size 10
  • Glo Daddy - 1 x size 10
  • Willow Daddy - 1 x size 10
  • Griffiths's Sparkle Gnat - 2 x of size 14
  • Indicator Sedge Caddis - 2 x sizes 14 & 16
  • Iron Blue Dun - 1 x sizes 14 & 18
  • Iron Blue Emerger - 1 x sizes 14 & 18
  • Parachute Iron Blue - 1 x sizes 14 & 16
  • Olive Foam Klinkhammer - 1 x size 14 and 2 x size 18
  • Olive Quill Tungsten Nymph - 2 x size 18
  • Orange-Head Mary Tungsten Nymph - 2 x size 18
  • Snail Bomb - 2 x size 12
  • Black Bead Beetle - 2 x size 12

Our September Selection is in stock and available now for only £30 (that's over a 15% saving on buying them individually).

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Go on, fill your boots!

As you may be aware we used to provide a subscription service, called The River Box, which has now been discontinued due to the costs of the software to run it! We have decided to make a selection of flies from the book available each month - no need to signup for a subscription, just buy them as and when you want them.

(for more detailed images and sizes of each fly, please visit our website by clicking on any image or button in the email)

The September Selection

This months selection includes one of the best terrestrial flies used in the autumn months. Great in warm/damp windy conditions. Fish often miss these when they rise, so you will have to time your reactions accordingly!

The Deadly Daddy
The Glo Daddy
The Willow Daddy
When fishing Daddy Long Legs patterns it is important to try to imitate their entry to the water as naturally as possible, this is where those who cast with not too a delicate presentation come to the fore! - try the 'Splash & Twitch' technique, below.

Tips On Fishing Terrestrial Patterns

In the autumn afternoons, a Daddy pattern is an essential searching pattern, when fish are not rising.

To search a river:

  1. From the bank, section the river into lanes about 3ft wide.
  2. Cast upstream and make 3 or 4 drifts in the nearest lane, repeat for each lane, working away from you.
  3. Step upstream and repeat the process.

To search a Stillwater:

  1. From the bank, imagine a fan with 8 points laid out on the water.
  2. Cast to each point of the fan 3 or 4 times, and retrieve using the "Splash & Twitch" technique (see below).
  3. Move further along the bank and repeat the process.

"Splash & Twitch" Technique

With each of the searching methods mentioned above, why not give the "Splash & Twitch" technique a go. As Daddy Long Legs are a land-based insects, they are regularly blown onto the water, and they are not that elegant when they do! Don't worry about perfect presentation, it is often better for the fly to splash down on the water, Keep in touch with the drift as the water brings the fly back to you and give the fly a slight twitch every now and then. You will be amazed how often this inducement will bring up a fish!

"Dry Nymph" Technique

Most natural terrestrials start to sink after hitting the water. If your floating terrestrial pattern sinks midway through a drift, just fish it as you would a nymph. Some of the best fishing to be had on an autumn afternoon can be by fishing sunk beetles as you would a nymph on a long leader.

September Hatches

To get you ready for fishing in September, we have reproduced our specific hatch cards for both Rivers and Stillwaters below: