The 2022 River Fly Anglers Almanac

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Selecting the correct river fly: Is it just pure luck, or more of an
informed guess?
It all started over 500 years ago ... with a pretty famous lady in these parts
(Knaresborough, North Yorkshire) - she went by the name of Mother Shipton.
As well as making traditional remedies, Mother Shipton had another gift. She
could predict the future.

It started off with small premonitions but as she practised, she became more
confident and her powers grew. Soon she was known as Knaresborough’s
Prophetess, a witch. She made her living telling the future. After a long life, she
died in 1561, aged 73.

Legend has it that she foretold the fates of several rulers within and just after
her lifetime, as well as the invention of iron ships, the Great Fire of London in
1666, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

"How does this relate to fly fishing?" I can hear you shouting at your screen.
Well, we shouldn't need to consult a 'prophetess' or 'sooth sayer' before we
head out to the river - although you can if you think it would help!

What we really need is something which will help us gain the knowledge to
allow us to make these decisions ourselves,
and that's where this comes in ...

The 2022 River Fly Anglers Almanac
(100% ALL New Content for 2022)

Successful river fishing is all about observation - carefully watching what is
happening all around you, and then translating this information into your choice
of fly and technique. As always there is no substitute for experience, but there
are a few short-cuts you can use to help you gain that experience quicker. This
book helps you with gaining experience (and knowledge) quickly. It identifies,
for each month of the year, what hatches you should be looking out for and
which flies to use to imitate the insects hatching around you.

P.S. If you bought last years River Almanac, you're going to love this years - it's
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includes new tips, tricks, techniques and articles - and all for the same price as
last year. In fact, all of the content is 100% new - it's taken us the last 4 months
to write it!

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This is a journal to accompany you throughout your fly fishing year. Something
you can annotate and make notes in, allowing you to refer back to in years to
come - helping you ‘crack the code’ on those difficult days. We’ve called it an
Almanac as it takes its inspiration from a few different sources, think of it as a
cross over between:

Old Moore’s Almanac - An annual publication that prophecies what will
happen throughout the year - only this one is fly fishing related.

The Fly Fishers Entomology - A seminal publication from 1836 by Alfred
Ronalds, the first to detail river fly life from the angler's point of view.

A Moleskine Diary - As used by Van Gogh, Picasso & Ernest Hemingway

Our 2022 River Almanac follows the river fly anglers year - starting in March
2022 (ending in February 2023) - detailing the hatches and flies to use for each
month. Here's an excerpt from April::

Along with all the hatches and fly info, there's a whole host of other information,
including season-specific insect info and even pages to jot down your notes
and your catch return for each month.

I'm a firm believer that each river has its own nuances as far as fishing (and the
fish contained within it) are concerned, and that the most successful anglers on
any given stretch of water are the ones with the most experience of it.
Generally in life, there are no shortcuts, but there are ways to help your
experience along a little quicker - and owning the 2022 River Fly Anglers
Almanac is one of them!

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