Velvet Bug
Velvet Bug
Velvet Bug
Velvet Bug
Velvet Bug

Velvet Bug

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Another nymph with a difference from Stan, The Velvet Bug. 

Stans been experimenting again (whatever he's experimenting with, I'm sure it's not legal)! This is a hybrid nymph, somewhat of a cross between a caddis and a buzzer. The Holo-Pink variation is great for Grayling - especially as the frosts have now started to show and the Grayling will be shoaling up (it's just a case of finding them!). These flies really do produce the goods, especially on stillwaters where they have been extensively tested in France.

This nymph imitation is a hybrid between a Caddis and a Buzzer, ideally used as a point fly in any river nymphing setup (and great for sight nymphing). Don't forget about using these on stillwaters also (especially on a Washing Line rig), these are deadly - give the fish something they will not have seen before!

These hybrid imitations are all tied on size 16 pupa barbless hooks and are available with three different colour variations: Holo-Pink, Holo-Purple & Holo-Red.

The specifications for this fly are:

  • Fly Name: Velvet Bug
  • Hook Size: N°16 Pupa
  • Head Composition: Black Varnish
  • Body Composition: Velvet Pearl Ribbing
  • Latin Name: Trichoptera
  • Weight: Light - 0.06g

    These flies are only available individually in size 14. Just choose your colour, and click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.