Varivas All Purpose Tapered Leader

Varivas All Purpose Tapered Leader

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Varivas Tapered Leaders are the ultimate in knotless leaders. They provide the ideal solution to specialist fly fishing situations.

Some manufacturers produce all their tapered leaders as 15ft lengths and then cut them into 7.5ft, 9ft or 12ft lengths. Varivas, take a different approach by designing each length of leader for its own specific application, giving the angler the optimal taper profile to best suit the situation, produced with its taper ratios always in proportion to leader length.

ALL VARIVAS TAPERED LEADERS are "Resin Coated" and "Non-Stress Coated" to ensure low memory, abrasion and water resistance, and prolonged life for both fresh and saltwater applications.

Tapered Leader to Fly Line Connections:

Most fly lines now come with a welded loop at the tip, we find the best way to attach your tapered leader is to tie a perfection loop (click here for tying instructions) in the butt end of your leader, and then use a loop-to-loop connection to attach it to your fly line. This way has the added advantage that should you wish to change your leader (for a longer/shorter/thinner one), then it's simply a case of loop-to-loop connecting the new leader.

Should your fly line not already have a welded loop on the tip, then our favourite way to attach a tapered leader is with a needle knot (click here for a fantastic demo of the Needle Knot).