Ultimate Winter Grayling Selection

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 "To Mr & Mrs Grayling,

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Barbless Flies"

The Ultimate Grayling Selection

As the trout season now starts to close around the country, we all look forward to targeting 'the Lady of the Stream' - the Grayling. To get you started this year we have curated a unique selection of 48 Winter Grayling Nymphs from our friends at Caledonia Flies.

I hope you will agree that these are very special flies, I used the majority of these patterns myself for Grayling last Autumn/Winter - there are a few new patterns this year.

These nymphs are specifically chosen to give you the widest possible choice, no matter which river conditions you face (big and heavy for the fast flows, small and light(ish) for the low flows). These flies will work in any conditions and any style of fishing.

This selection of 48 nymphs includes a C&F Chest Threader Patch(especially useful to thread your flies when your hands are cold) as shown below:

Here we present our Ultimate Winter Grayling Selection:

  • Pattern 1: Czech Mirage Barbless Nymph x2 - Size 12
  • Pattern 2: Orange Pearl Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 10
  • Pattern 3: Orange Bomb Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 10
  • Pattern 4: Tri-Bead Bomber x2 - Size 12
    • Pattern 5: Violet Bug x2 - Size 14
    • Pattern 6: Hares Ear Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 14
    • Pattern 7: Pink CDC Tungsten Jig x2 - Size 14
    • Pattern 8: Back Eddy Hares Ear Nymph x2 - Size 14
      • Pattern 9: McPhail Grayling Nymph x2 - Size 14
      • Pattern 10: Czech Weapon Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 12
      • Pattern 11: Olive CDC Tungsten Jig x2 - Size 12
      • Pattern 12: Olive Pupa Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 16
        • Pattern 13: Peacock Tungsten Perdigon x2 - Size 16
        • Pattern 14: Pink Tungsten Perdigon x2 - Size 16
        • Pattern 15: Olive Tungsten Perdigon x2 - Size 16
        • Pattern 16: Black Tungsten Perdigon x2 - Size 16
          • Pattern 17: Killer Bug Nymph x2 - Size 14
          • Pattern 18: Pheasant Tail Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 16
          • Pattern 19: Green Bomb Tungsten Nymph x2 - Size 12
          • Pattern 20: Light Olive Tungsten Perdigon x2 - Size 16 
          • Pattern 21: Grayling Bomb x8 - 2 each of sizes 10, 12, 14 & 16

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