RIO Fluoroflex Tippet

RIO Fluoroflex Tippet

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RIO Fluoroflex is an excellent general-purpose fluorocarbon that’s ideal for a wide range of fishing techniques and situations. With medium stiffness, great knot strength, and good tensile strength, it’s well-suited for UK fishing and is excellent for casting a variety of fly sizes.

Due to its medium stiffness, RIO Fluoroflex is perfect for throwing Stillwater lures, indicator rigs and river streamers. It also aids the turnover of a wide range of fly sizes in windy conditions. By using RIO Fluoroflex, you can cast with confidence no matter the weather!

Its exceptional abrasion resistance makes it an ideal choice for fishing in areas with structures or other hazards that can easily damage your line. The combination of strength and abrasion resistance makes Fluoroflex a reliable and effective fluorocarbon line for a wide range of fishing applications, giving anglers the confidence they need to pursue their target species in tough conditions.

Available in a range of sizes to cover all UK fishing.


  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Medium stiff

    Available only in the following sizes | breaking strains | diameters | length:

    • 4X | 5.0lb | 0.178 mm | 30 yds
    • 4X | 5.0lb | 0.178 mm | 100 yds
    • 5X | 4.0lb | 0.152 mm | 30 yds
    • 5X | 4.0lb | 0.152 mm | 100 yds
    • 6X | 3.0lb | 0.127 mm | 30 yds

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