Fly Drying Patch
Fly Drying Patch
Fly Drying Patch
Fly Drying Patch

Fly Drying Patch

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We were approached about a month ago to try out a new style of fly drying patch (a replacement for Amadou - which as we all know, works great but does deteriorate over time). Well, we tried it and loved it - so much so we had a box full delivered last Friday. This cloth is fantastic (and excels at drying CdC flies), it dries your flies with only one squeeze and has numerous other uses:

  • Obviously great at drying all flies
  • Can be used to dry a soaked yarn indicator
  • Will absorb up to 8 times its weight in moisture
  • Works as a leader straightener
  • Wet it and it cleans all types of rod grips including cork, neoprene and EVA
  • Safe to use when cleaning all impregnated fly lines
  • Supplied with a carabiner, it allows you to connect the Fly Drying Patch to your pack or vest
  • Small and compact: It measures: 9cm x 9cm
  • Color: Tan

Make sure your dries are floating high and have a natural look this summer, with our Fly Drying Patch (made with Wonder Cloth®).  Simply press your fly between the two sheets and squeeze the moisture and slime out.