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Below you will find hatch information for the major insect groups you will find on UK waters. Click on any insect below to view full details on hatches, locations and imitations to use. 

Hatch Information

The Blue Winged Olive

The Blue Winged Olive (Serratella ignita) is a member of the Ephemerellidae family. Found in rivers across the whole of the UK, these flies are generally small with three long tails - it seems that the further north in the UK, the smaller the fly. The wings of the dun usually have a blue tinge to them - hence their name.

Hatch Chat - The Sedge

Welcome to our, updated for 2022, series of Hatch Chats, we are aiming to cover the most popular flies which are hatching throughout the British Isles, giving you the information you need just before the flies are supposed to hatch. We will be covering the flies that hatch and the imitations to use to help you to understand what's going on around you, and get more from your fishing - hopefully, allowing you to catch more.