Barbless Bonus Club

Welcome to the Barbless Bonus Club, we're glad you found us - we think your special. To thank you for your continued support, we thought it was about time that we started to give a little back to our regular customers, and so we've formed the Barbless Bonus Club.

Essentially this is a section of our website which is reserved for our regular customers only, where we keep some really special flies which we have selected - think of them as 'under the counter flies'. These flies are all hand picked by us. They are of the highest  quality (and not available to any other customers).

All of the flies within the Barbless Bonus Club can only be purchased by members of the club. You are automatically enrolled in the club based on the pattern of purchases you make with us over the previous year. Club members also receive extras through the post (you should have reached this page via a delivery from your postman - we hope you like the badge)!

To view your specialist flies now, just click here. You can also view your special selection of flies at any time by clicking on the ♥BBC logo in the main navigation menu.

Please Note: You will have to be logged into your account before you can view (and buy) any of the flies. If you have any issues when accessing the page, please contact us using this link.

Thanks for continuing to support us