Barbless Stillwater Lake Flies

Fly fishing in stillwaters is quite a different experience compared to river fishing, so it’s only natural that you need flies designed to imitate the flies, larvae and nymphs commonly seen on lakes and Stillwater. Barbless Flies offer a wide range of fly selections to meet all your needs, so whether you’re after trout flies for lakes, course fish or game fish, you’ll have the best fly to hand.

Our barbless flies are perfect for catch and release fishing, and as our hooks are available down to size 20, you’ll be able to catch a still water fish of any size. If you’re not sure which flies are best for fly fishing in lakes at any particular time of the year, our friendly and professional team are on hand to give you all the advice you need.

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Enjoy lake trout fly fishing all year round

From the largest dragonfly to the smallest midge, Barbless Flies has an excellent range of wet and dry flies to match the hatch of insects for every time of year in temperate regions, such as the UK. With such a wide variety of fish to be found in lakes and reservoirs, fly fishing in lakes can be just as exciting as rivers and streams.

As well as flies for any time of year, we also have both dry and wet flies and lures that can be used at different times of the day, so if you’re after a particular fish, you’ll have everything you need to land the catch you’ve always wanted – at dusk, dawn or in the middle of the day.