Barbless Dry Flies for Fly Fishing

Dry flies are designed to mimic insects in their adult state and float on the surface of a river or still water to imitate live insects and entice fish to come to the surface for a meal. Here at Barbless Flies, we offer various selections for dry fly fishing to match your environment and the time of year in order to maximise your enjoyment. Dry fly fishing is extremely exhilarating, and there are few moments as exciting as seeing your fly disappearing from the surface.

Our dry flies for sale, including our dry trout flies, are all designed to imitate insects with different hatch times throughout the year, so you always have an option you know the fish are going to take. Get everything you need for excellent year round fishing with our dry fly assortment.

Make the most of your dry fly fishing with Barbless Flies

Here at Barbless Flies, we only offer dry flies that we’ve tested ourselves, produced to the highest quality and able to use again and again. Whether you’re a still water or a river angler, our dry flies are hand tied using high quality materials and barbless hooks down to  size 20.

Dry fly fishing requires a lot of patience and good timing, but choosing dry flies for sale from Barbless Flies, you’ll maximise your chances of a great day’s fishing. If you’re unsure which assortment would best suit your needs, our friendly and experienced team can give you expert advice.