Barbless Coarse Fish Flies

Coarse fishing is perfect for the angler looking to enjoy an exhilarating experience and catch fish throughout the year. Here at Barbless Flies, we believe that fly fishing for coarse fish can be just as successful as using other types of bait, and whether you want to catch pike, carp, roach, chub or perch, we have a wide range of flies and lures for you to choose from.

Fish can quickly become weary of  bait used too often, but Barbless Flies’ coarse fishing flies provide you with everything you need to capture the fish you want, whether you’re close to the bottom of a river or lake or near the surface.

If you’re looking to catch yourself a large pike or carp, you’ll need a hook that can handle it, which is why we offer hooks up to size 8. Our wide range of hook sizes and high quality, realistic flies ensure you’re ready to catch coarse fish of any size with ease.

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Fly fishing for course fish is the future

At Barbless Flies, we only sell flies we’ve tested ourselves, so we know that you can successfully catch a wide range of coarse fish with our flies and enjoy this new direction in fly fishing. For hand tied imitations of the flies, nymphs and lures that coarse fish love, there’s no better place than Barbless Flies.

Whether you’re going to be lake or river fishing, Barbless Flies is on hand to provide you everything you need for successful fly fishing for course fish all season long.