Mini Tungsten Nymphs

Mini Tungsten Nymphs Sometimes when you are grayling fishing, you need to present a small fly at depth, that's where these mini tungsten nymphs come into their own. With their small size (only 7mm long) and slim profiles, these nymphs will sink quickly. Our Mini Tungsten nymphs are tied on size 20 barbless hooks (even though these are size 20 hooks, 6x tippet - 0.13mm will still go through the eye quite easily). At this time of year, when the grayling are still fairly spread out and are not nailed to the river bed, these flies are deadly, even on pressured water. Try suspending one of these as a part of a Duo setup, French Nymphing on a long leader or short line Czech Nymphing...

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Czech Nymphing for Grayling

Czech Nymphing for Grayling Czech Nymph fishing is a style of nymph fishing practised by keeping in close contact with the flies at close range, generally in faster riffles (so you can get closer to the fish) just under the rod tip. In most cases there is no fly line outside of the reel and a Czech Indicator/8m Leader is used. This gives you an enhanced feel for the flies as they are drifting along the river bed. Czech Nymphs are weighted flies tied on grub hooks to imitate fresh water shrimps/scuds. Typical characteristics of a Czech nymph fly are the slim profile (to allow it to sink quickly), a back covered with latex and a mono rib. As luck would have it - we've got you covered...

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Mini Streamers - Bigger Fish?

Mini Streamers A streamer is a lure which usually represents a minnow/fry, which are present in both rivers and stillwaters from July/August onward. They particularly come into their own for rivers in September, and for stillwaters from September to December. To a trout, these patterns seem very much alive when any action is imparted to them - therefore these are fished quite actively (try twitching them down and across through any deep holes!). These Streamers are tied to represent small fry. They are tied sparsely and measure only 3.5 cm in length, so accurately mimic the size and form of minnows/fry. Another advantage to these streamers (with their small profile and light weight) is that they can be fished on lighter rods (2# to 4#)...

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Updated Scuds - Grayling Colours

Updated Scuds Due to the success of the scud selection, we re-ordered them and now have them back in stock and in updated colours (we thought the other were all too similar colours, so now we have updated the selection to include some sweets for the Grayling in your life - Get ready for Grayling early this year. These flies are tied with either an olive or grey hare dubbing and segmented bead bodies, then a clear UV shell is applied, making them virtually indestructible! These scuds are specifically designed for UK rivers and are uncanny imitations of the natural invertebrates found throughout the UK. We present to you this selection of 8 Scuds, four different patterns, two of each, in size 14....

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Psycho Rhyaco's

Psycho Rhyaco's Rhyacophila are Caddis larvae - found in virtually all flowing water in the UK. It’s a "Caseless Caddis" - meaning it doesn’t build itself a case from the river bed. Very similar in style, size and form to a shrimp/scud these Caddis prefer shallow riffles and often get caught up in currents, making them easy pickings for Trout & Grayling. With the help of Stan (of Ceramic Flies) we have created this selection of Barbless Rhyacophila Larvae which should be one of your first patterns to use when searching a river. These flies have segmented bead bodies and tied with black dubbing heads (just like the real thing), then a coloured UV shell is applied, making them virtually indestructible! These rhyacophila...

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