Unbreakable Ceramic Nymphs

I'd like to start this email by wishing you a very Happy New Year - we're looking
forward to 2022 with much anticipation, as we've lots of new ideas, products
and plans to put in place - but more of that in the next couple of weeks.
There are no guarantees in fly fishing, if there were it would be called 'catching'
instead of 'fishing' - and where's the fun in that! But having said that, we have
- what we think is a first for the UK - flies that actually do come with a
guarantee! This email may be a little long, but keep reading we think you will
find it worth the effort!
Our NEW Barbless Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymph Selections - our
friend Stanislas Freyheit (of NymphEvolution) has come up with the goods and
tied us a specialist selection of barbless super heavy ceramic nymphs (using
quality Doihku barbless hooks), especially good for targeting grayling in higher
than average rivers (with faster flows).
Ceramic flies are a fairly new introduction to the UK (they originate from
France where they have been successfully used for both Grayling and Brown
Trout). They are made with lead-substitute wire which is then coated with a
polymerized UV cure to provide their hard ceramic shell, then topped off with a
tungsten bead. The surface of the body is totally smooth, this feature allows
them to sink faster and deeper than any other nymph.
Ceramic flies account for lots of fish on the continent because their body is
made of alternate clear and dark rings which exactly imitate the caddis and
mayflies larvas found in both French and UK rivers.

What's so unique about these nymphs then - apart from the way they're
made? Well, these nymphs come with what no other fly in the UK does - a
guarantee! That's right, these flies are unbreakable - so if you break one within
the first year of buying it, it will be replaced FREE of charge:
These flies are designed to be the point fly in a Czech/Euro-Style nymph
setup. We have had real success with these teamed up with our Polish Quills
Micro Jigs. On my local North Yorkshire becks, I fish these with our Hends 9m
French Leaders, for super sensitivity and stealth!

We have two separate Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Selections available for
you today:
1.Orange Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymph Selection 
2.Copper Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymph Selection
Click on any image or button below to view these Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymphs:
*** We've only 25 of each of these selections - so if you want one you will
need to be quick ***
Each Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic selection contains 3 of each of
these nymphs in three sizes (12's, 14's & 16's), their tungsten equivalents are:
Size 12 Heavy Ceramic = 1.2mm Lead Wire = 0.91g = 5.0mm Tungsten Bead
Size 14 Heavy Ceramic = 1.0mm Lead Wire = 0.61g = 4.6mm Tungsten Bea
Sidze 16 Heavy Ceramic = 0.8mm Lead Wire = 0.31g = 3.5mm Tungsten Bead
Each selection includes:
Caddis yellow segmented ceramic body.
Tungsten bead & Spectra dubbing in sizes 12, 14 & 16.Each of the Orange and Copper selections contains 3 of each sizenymphs (9 heavy ceramic nymphs in total).
    We only have a limited number (25) of both these Copper & Orange
    Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Selections, so if our previous offerings are
    anything to go by, you will need to be quick off the mark!

    These ceramic nymphs are only available as a selection (9 flies in each
    selection) for £22.50 (or £37.50 which includes a Tacky Daypack Silicone Fly
    Box), click any button or image to view each of the selections in more detail.

    *** We've only 25 of each of these selections - so you will need to be quick
    Fishing With Heavy Nymphs

    If you have ever tried to cast a heavy multi-fly rig, you will know that you are
    just asking for trouble, if you cast in your normal style. Heavy flies and tight
    loops are a recipe for disaster - here are a few tips which you can deploy to
    make life a little easier when casting heavy rigs:

    1. Widen Your Casting Arc - This opens up your loops and by default
    keeps the heavy rig away from the rest of your leader (and your fly rod -
    the last thing you want is a heavy bead hitting your pride and joy).
    2. Slow Down - By slowing your casting stroke you are immediately slowing
    down your line speed, this, in-turn reduces the kick (and associated slack
    line) which happens when a heavy nymph changes direction as a result of
    the cast.
    3. Increase The Fly Line Size by 1 - Overlining the rod by one size can
    improve your presentation when casting heavy rigs.
    4. Lift & Cast - Lift your rig to the surface of the river first, before starting the
    cast. By beginning your cast with your rod tip low, and taking up any slack
    in the system your cast will be more efficient.
    5. Use The Lob Cast - Simply, this is a low backcast to get the whole rig
    downstream of you. Wait for the river flow to take up the tension in the
    entire system, then push your rod tip forwards as you would for a normal
    cast, this will see your rig cast in an arc (or a 'lob') and enter the water,
    already under tension and ready to fish. The benefit of this cast is it keeps
    the entire rig away from your rod and is much easier to control, with the
    added advantage that the point fly enters the water first and is fishing
    effectively straight away.

    Show me the Copper Heavy Ceramics

    The above techniques are best practised on a quiet stretch of water where
    there is no overhanging vegetation, get used to handling heavier rigs (you will
    need to for this month and February!)

    Happy New Year, tight lines & stay safe.