Ultimate Autumn Flies - Curated For Late Season Success

The Ultimate Autumn Selection

Ring Ring ... Ring Ring

I hurriedly finished making my coffee and answered the phone. It was from a customer who was new to us and had just started out fly fishing rivers - asking if I could help him out with some advice.

"No problem at all", I replied.

After a really enjoyable discussion on tackle selection, our discussion turned to how you select which flies to use.

I mentioned that we have a hatch chart for each month, and I would be more than happy to send one out for September, which I duly did.

P.S. You can grab a full set of hatch cards for yourself, all supplied in a case, here.

I thought nothing more of it until last week when said chap called me back and asked if we could put a selection of flies together for him to cover all the hatches in September - based on the flies in the Hatch Chart card I had sent him earlier.

This got me thinking, there must be quite a few of you - our loyal community - who may find this type of selection useful. So we've been busy over the last few days and curated a set of flies specifically for Autumn Trout (September & October).

And here they are ...

The Ultimate Autumn Selection

The Ultimate Autumn Selection

ONE-OFF PRODUCT ALERT: This selection is only available to our loyal community - that's you - and available FOR TODAY ONLY. First thing tomorrow morning we will be removing the product from our site.

Our Ultimate Autumn Selection contains 44 flies in total - all supplied in one of our Slimline Silicone fly boxes. All of the flies contained within the selection are imitations of flies that will be hatching on a water near you throughout September and October.


Dry Flies

Our Ultimate Autumn Selection contains all of the dries you need for success during September & October. The flies included are: various coloured Klinkhamers, Parachute Beetles, Split-Wing Olives, Deer Hair Emergers, Griffith's Gnats & John Storey's.



Our Ultimate Autumn Selection also contains the most popular Daddy Long Legs/Crane Fly imitations: Areo Daddy (sizes 10 & 12), Yellow Daddy (sizes 10 & 12) and Orange Daddy (sizes 10 & 12). These are the ones to try to get you on your way when the wind starts to blow!


We couldn't put any Autumn Selection together without adding a good selection of nymphs: Orange-Head Mary Tungsten Nymph, Olive Quill Tungsten Nymph, Red-Neck Pheasant Tail Nymph, Sawyer's Killer Bug and Endrick's Spider. All you need no matter the water levels.

Our Ultimate Autumn Selection contains 44 flies, all slotted into in one of our Slimline Silicone fly boxes, we are making them available to you for today only - tomorrow they will be removed from our website.

Our Ultimate Autumn Selection of flies is available for only £49.99 (a saving of over £20 - buying these flies individually would cost over £70.00) - which includes one of our Slimline Silicone fly boxes. Click any button or image in this email to see the selection of flies in more detail.

This selection is currently in stock for immediate free delivery.

*** These selections are only available to buy today, if you would like one please get your order in before midnight ***

Go on, you know you want to!

This month is one of the most productive for fishing on rivers. The trout will start to feed confidently and get ready for spawning later in the year. It is also the time of year when we usually get some warmer weather (an Indian Summer).

The flies you are likely to see in September are Large Dark Olive, Gnats and the Daddy Long Legs/Crane Fly:


It is the Daddy Long Legs that most anglers will turn to when the wind starts to blow, these insects hatch on land and are regularly blown onto the water where the trout take them virtually instantly. Daddy Long Legs flies are not very aerodynamic and any pattern you use will need to be attached to a slightly thicker than usual leader (to stop the leader twisting when cast). It’s always worth slowly drifting a Daddy under any overhanging vegetation imparting action to them by giving the fly line a tweak every now and then.

Fishing for the ‘evening rise’ can be exceptional at this time of year, I have found that the Parachute Beetle is the preferred meal for our local fish, try a size 16 fished as slow as possible – the takes can be ferocious!

To get you ready, I've included the September Hatch Chart for Rivers below:

Should you wish to buy any of the September flies individually, you can see them all by clicking the button below:

If you're a Stillwater angler, don't despair - we've something which will be right up your street, it will be landing in your inbox next Tuesday.

A Brief Update ...

Thanks to everyone who helped us out with testing a new digital offering we are putting the finishing touches to. We will be going through all of the replies in the next few weeks and working out a priority list to work through for the initial release - I will personally contact each of you with an update towards the end of this month.

Until then ...