Tried & Tested on the Yorkshire Derwent Grayling

If you have been receiving our emails for any length of time, you will know that I regularly fish the Yorkshire Derwent up here in North Yorkshire.

Now, in this neck of the woods, there are very few Stillwaters to fish, and rivers with any decent heads of Grayling are few and far between, so you really have to be keen to find them.

The upper reaches of the Yorkshire Derwent does hold a head of Grayling, but you have to know where to look - and they don't normally appear until the frosts have really taken hold (late December to late February).

I was approached by a 'new to us' fly tyer who asked if they could tie a selection of flies for us - we get these emails all the time from various individuals across the world, we normally turn them all down - but this one caught my eye, as they included some images of flies which I know will work in my local waters, so they will also work in yours!

Essentially these are heavier Pheasant Tail Nymphs, tied on jig looks, with the beads slightly oversized for the hook - making them fantastic at the minute due to the recent rain. Here's an example:

I took them for a spin last week and was pulling fish out of spots which I guessed looked pretty Graylingy.

We had a lot of rain last week and have had hardly any frosts, so I targeted the more 'popply' water and there they were!

As we are proud to say these have been tried and tested on the Yorkshire Derwent, we've called them The Derwent Pheasant Tail Jig Selection ...

When you fish a nymph on a jig hook it fishes upside down so the head will always be either in or just above the riverbed, it is important for the nymph to be seen, so we've added a coloured bead, in 7 different colours, our selection contains 2 each of the following:

  • Gold Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig
  • Matt Red Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig
  • Fluoro Yellow Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig
  • Bright Pink Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig
  • Orange Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig
  • Metallic Red Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig
  • Copper Beaded Pheasant Tail Jig

Generally, the water levels at this time of year are average to high, so we've included a slotted 3.5 mm tungsten bead to the size 14 jig hook.

Our Derwent Pheasant Tail Jig Selection contains 14 nymphs (7 different colours, 2 of each in a size 14).

As we've only got 30 of these Derwent Pheasant Tail Jig Selections available, we'll get straight down to the offer:

  • Buy just the fly selection today for £22; or
  • Buy the selection and include a Slimline Foam Nymph box for only £28.

As always, all our flies are delivered free of charge anywhere in the world. Just click on any button or image in this email to see each of the flies in more detail.

Please Remember: We've only 30 of these selections available, so if you want a set, you will need to be quick - This style of nymph always sells out within a few hours of being released!

Go on, fill your boots!

Last few Annuals remaining

(after that, we're not printing any more this year)

Tight lines & have a good week.