To Mr & Mrs Grayling - Let's hook up soon?

"To Mr & Mrs Grayling,
Hope to hook up with you soon.
Barbless Flies"
I always eagerly look forwards to the start of the Grayling season and, just like the salmon season is welcomed in with a dram of Whiskey, I always like to welcome in the Grayling season with an offering to the fish - in this case, a nice card to Mr & Mrs Grayling - I know it's sad but it's not let me down yet!

The Ultimate Winter Grayling Selection

As the trout season now starts to close around the country, we all look forward to targeting 'the Lady of the Stream' - the Grayling. To get you started this year we have curated a unique selection of 27 Winter Grayling Nymphs (and a few Grayling specific dry flies) from our friends across Europe - we asked them if they could choose only 1 nymph for Grayling, what would it be, we then collated them all together in this Ultimate Selection

I hope you will agree that these are very special flies, these are all new patterns this year.

These nymphs are specifically chosen to give you the widest possible choice, no matter which river conditions you face (big and heavy for the fast flows, small and light(ish) for the low flows) - there's even a Grayling dry fly pattern included for those sparodic session off the top.

These flies will work in any conditions and any style of fishing.

We are supplying either 2 or 3 of each of all the flies shown below, including 6 of our most productive Grayling perdigon flies:

  • The Pink Perdigon Jig (3 each of size 14); and
  • The Pink Perdigon (3 each of size 18)

That's 27 of the most successful grayling flies from across Europe. We are offering this selection today for only £39.99 (if bought individually this selection would be £53.49, so you're making a 25% saving), but wait, there's more ...

With each order, we are including one of our NEW Slimline Silicone Nymph Boxes for FREE - to keep your new nymphs nice and safe.

And ... there's even more - as we've only a few of these selections (20 to be exact) we are also going to include a special FREE GIFT with each set bought today - a set of 2 bi-colour indicators - ideal for detecting takes when nymphing!!

*** We only have very limited numbers of these - 20 to be exact - so you will need to be quick! ***

We think you will agree that this is fantastic value for money (these flies normally retail for around £1.75 each). Just click on any button or image in this email to view the flies in more detail.

That's 27 of the most successful grayling flies in total. We are offering this selection today for only £39.99 (that's a 25% saving on this selection alone), but wait, there's more - with each order we will include one of our NEW Slimline Silicone Nymph boxes for FREE - to keep your new nymphs nice and safe.

And ... there's even more - for today only we are also including a special FREE GIFT - a set of 2 bi-colour indicators - ideal for detecting takes when nymphing!

*** We only have very limited numbers of these - 20 to be exact - so you will need to be quick! ***

Go on, you know you want to!

Please Note: Feedback from our previous selections has been great, the main request we get is to give you the ability to top up your boxes, so each of the flies contained within this Ultimate Winter Grayling Selection can be bought individually, just use the search box at the top of our website, type in the pattern name to find them. 

Dry Fly for Grayling Anyone?

Try The Rock Chick (Rockerka)

The Rock Chick, or Rockerka - Looks strange, but catches fish - in fact, catches loads of fish. Use plenty of floatant powder on these to really make the fly bushy. We have been requested to have these flies available, so here they are - and as a bonus, they are included in the Ultimate Winter Grayling Selection.

A great fly to use as a searching pattern also works really well when there are any sort of Sedge on the water. Try this fly in rougher water, the body is tied long so the fly sits high on the water and can easily be seen (by both fish and humans!).

It’s important to note that when nymphing, you have to be quite methodical and logical when fishing the river. I’ve always found the best way to do it is to imagine the river is split up into a number of lanes (just like a motorway):
  • Always fish the lane closest to you first from the bank before wading into the river (you’ll be amazed at how many fish you catch that you would have just waded through!).
  • Once you have fished that lane, step into the river and fish the next lane out.
  • Then repeat (assuming it’s safe to wade into the middle of the river).
  • Once you have fished the width of the river as best you can, carefully wade back to your starting point and take a step up stream and repeat the whole process again.

It’s always better to cast into each lane quite a few times and let the nymph(s) do their work, generally though if there’s a fish around it will take the nymph within the first couple of drifts.

Tight lines & have fun.


P.S. To get you started on this new Grayling season, I'm sending an email out on Saturday which includes everything you need to know when starting out on your Grayling adventure - it will be with you at 8am on Saturday - and it's a long one!