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Morning everyone,

The Christmas period is a great time to get away for a 'few hours' and spend a little time on the bank side targeting your favourite species - taking time away to contemplate the year just gone and looking forward to what the next one will bring.

This year the Christmas period is especially challenging for all of us - with the cost of living increasing and the various strikes starting to take their toll. It is the subject of strikes, more specifically the postal strikes which I want to address in this email.

For any small online business, customer service is the key differentiator and one on which we pride ourselves.

A key to this is our promise to ship all orders immediately that we receive them - we currently ship 98% of all orders within 4 hours of receiving them!

Unfortunately, those orders are not currently being delivered in a timely fashion - Royal Mail are not currently 'delivering our promises' as they usually do - one of the reasons that the last posing date for 1st Class items has been brought forward to tomorrow, Friday 16th December.

With this in mind ...

We've go a bit of a SPECIAL OFFER for you:

We always offer a 2nd Class FREE Delivery option (which costs us just over £1 on average per order), so for today and tomorrow we are going to subsidise our 1st Class service by that same amount - making our 1st Class postage option now only 45p - we don't think you will find a better deal than that!

As a great way to take advantage of this offer - and stock up on some flies for your Christmas fishing excursions, take some inspiration from these River, Stillwater and Salmon flies:

Grayling River Flies

All of the flies below are ideal for targeting Grayling in the rivers for December and January, there's also a really nice box to keep them in:

Image of Grayling Selection - Updated for 2022
Grayling Selection - Updated for 2022


The Barbless Grayling Selection, is a selection of 4 of the most popular styles of weighted grayling nymphs, in total there are 20 flies supplied in our eco-friendly packaging. All of these nymphs are tied using barbless hooks, in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16.

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Image of Tungsten Sow Bug Selection
Tungsten Sow Bug Selection


The Barbless Tungsten Grayling Sow Bug Selection is a selection of 4 of the most popular styles of tungsten weighted Sow Bugs, all tied on jig hooks, we supply two of each Sow Bug in two sizes, in total there are 16 flies supplied in our environmentally friendly packaging. All of these nymphs are tied using strong barbless jig hooks.

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Image of Tacky Double Sided Daypack Fly Box
Tacky Double Sided Daypack Fly Box


The Double-sided DayPack is truly the minimalist's dream setup. Gone are the days when you were forced to decide between bringing enough flies to cover the hatch or travelling light.

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Stillwater Flies

Stillwater fly fishing in December and January - in fact, all the colder months - is really about two things: giving the fish flies to chase and being imitative where you can. The flies below are great examples of staple flies for the Winter months:

Image of Buzzer Selection
Buzzer Selection


The Barbless Buzzer selection. A buzzer is basically an imitation of the pupa of a midge (chironomid), most people will already know midges! Midges are abundant in every stillwater, and are a staple diet of the trout which live there, therefore buzzers are sometimes the "go to" fly for the stillwater angler.

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Image of Mini Streamer - Pink
Mini Streamer - Pink


An essential pattern for stillwaters in the colder weather. To a trout these patterns seem very much alive when any action is imparted to them - therefore these are fished quite actively (try twitching them down and across through any deep holes!).

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Image of Indicator Dinkhamer
Indicator Dinkhamer


A version of the popular Klinkhamer. Tied with a pink and orange post and sparkle tan body (it is easily seen in these darker afternoons and evenings) and a tippet ring in the tail. The tippet ring allows you to fish these using the klink 'n' dink method (a bit of a sticking point when using barbless hooks!).

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Salmon Flies

Get ready for the upcoming Salmon season by stocking up on some great early-season favourite patterns, from only £3.50:

Image of Black Bear (Double)
Black Bear (Double)


A classic salmon fly. One for the coloured early season waters.

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Image of Holo Willie Gunn Copper Tube
Holo Willie Gunn Copper Tube


One of the most successful Scottish salmon patterns ever devised. This fly is world-famous for its ability to catch fish and is a staple fly in nearly all salmon anglers fly boxes. Used with great success by Mr Willie Gunn in the 1940's, to imitate a hair winged version of a Thunder & Lightening.

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Image of Silver Stoat Friggi Double
Silver Stoat Friggi Double


This fly has been around for a long time and has in all probability accounted for more salmon than any other fly. Originally tied on a treble hook, and used virtually exclusively on the Aberdeenshire Dee & Don.

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Wherever you plan on fishing over the Christmas break, please do so safely - if wading a river, please remember to wear a life jacket and take care on any riverbanks - with the increased water flows some banks will become unstable.

Tight lines & have fun