The Last Knockings

The Last Knockings

We are now careering towards the end of the river trout season, this generally heralds a burst of insect activity, just ready for the trout to start feeding up ready for spawning. This is the time to start using those slightly larger dry flies, especially the Adams.

The Adams is a fly which should be in all river anglers boxes. This style of fly was originally tied by Leonard Halladay and named after his good friend Charles Adams (from “The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies”, by Ian Whitelaw). No one is really sure which insects these flies imitate (a good guess would be an olive), but they really do work well.

Generally tied in two different styles, the original and the parachute versions:

  • Original - With a hackle running a third of the way down the hook shank.
  • Parachute - With the hackle tied horizontally around a sighting post.

The way in which both of these variants are tied ensures the fly floats high on the surface - and stays there with only a little floatant added!

The Adams fly is one that should be in all river anglers fly boxes

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Hi-Viz Parachute Adams

Tied in the parachute style (with the hackle wrapped horizontally), with a yellow sighting post and is in the original colours. Our selection includes 2 of each in sizes 14 & 16.

Adams Thorax

Tied in the original style (with the hackle wrapped along a quarter of the hook), with a tall sighting post and is in the original colours. Our selection includes 2 of each in sizes 14 & 16.

Parachute Adams

Tied in the parachute style (with the hackle wrapped horizontally), with a white sighting post and is in the original colours. Our selection includes 2 of each in sizes 14 and 16. Also includes 2 each of the micro versions in sizes 20 and 24.

View Our Adams Selection

Our Adams Selection consists of 16 barbless Adams variants, comprising 4 different patterns (in 2 sizes). Our Adams flies are available as a selection for £18, or individually for £1.25 each.

Fancy A Different Adams? 

If you're looking for a slightly different style of Adams fly, we've got you covered:


Adams Dry


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Adams Dinkhamer


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Irresistible Adams


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New Silk Fly Lines

So, why would you use a silk line then? We're glad you asked:

  • They have no memory - completely limp.
  • There's no stretch - improved hookups.
  • They are denser than plastic fly lines and therefore much thinner; and thinner lines mean much less wind resistance.
  • They float better than plastic fly lines - they float on the water surface, not in it making roll casts and mending line much easier.
  • You get 3 lines in one; When fully greased it's a floating Line, grease everything except the tip and you have a midge-tip line, don't grease it and you have an intermediate/sinking line.
  • Each of the lines are made with extra-fine tips - it's like having a built-in furled leader.
  • They can last a lifetime - so long as they are cared for and stored correctly a silk line can last a lifetime - and indeed will get better with age.

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We've only got 1 of each of these - so grab your's while you can, to save you trawling through the lines on our site, here are the ones we currently have in stock and ready to ship (Weight/Colour/Length/Price):

  • Level - Ivory - 12m - £34.99
  • DT3 - Orange/Buff - 25yds - £94.99
  • DT3/4 - Dark Red - 22m - £89.99
  • DT4 - Orange/Buff - 14m - £49.99
  • DT4 - Unfinished - 25yds - £49.99
  • DT4 - Orange/Buff - 25m - £94.99
  • DT4 - Buff - 26yds - £94.99
  • DT4 - Red/Buff - 26 to 28yds - £94.99
  • DT6 - Red - 30yds - £99.99
  • DT8 - Red - 32yds - £109.99

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Each of our Silk lines are shipped with a handy box (to keep them in when not on the reel), a pot of Mucilin (to grease them with), a microfibre cloth (to clean/help dry them) and full line care instructions. These lines are made in the UK (in Sheffield, Yorkshire to be precise), by Ian Moxon and are great value for money, from only £34.99 for the shorter level line up to £109.99 for the full-length DT8 - we've even got a half-line.