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Mayfly Anyone?

Through the grapevine I've started to hear of the Mayfly coming off on the rivers of the South and South-West, so thought it was about that time of year when our attention turns to the larger flies in our boxes.

I always really look forward to this time of year, as it marks an important transition from early season sport (nymphs & spiders etc) to more top of the water, dry fly action (hopefully!). With that in mind, we are introducing even more Mayfly imitations this year, so stay tuned to your emails over the coming weeks for quite a few new individual flies.

If you take a look towards the end of this email we've produced a rather fancy infographic on the Mayfly.

We are starting this year's Mayfly season with the full lifecycle of classic Mayfly patterns in our Ultimate Mayfly Selection - all the essential lifecycle stages of the Mayfly in one handy selection. As soon as the trout switch on to Mayflies, these are all the flies you need:

Dave Wiltshire kindly reviewed our Mayfly Selection a few years ago (and it is still exactly the same now - why change a successful selection of flies):

"These really are top quality flies. They are tied with fine attention to detail, good materials and perfect proportions. They are bespoke, beautiful flies with a price tag that would usually result in disappointment for the fly buyer. Not in this case!" - Dave Wiltshire, May 2015

We are supplying the whole Mayfly lifecycle in a selection of 32 flies (8 patterns - 2 of each in sizes 10 & 12), see (and click on) images and links below for more details: We have already stocked up on Mayflies and they're available now, only £36 for the Ultimate Mayfly Selection.

Get them while you can, as we did run out last year!

The Ultimate Mayfly Selection

Mayfly Nymphs

A selection of the flies to imitate the nymphal stage of the Mayfly. We fished with these flies in May/June last year to test them out, and was very happy with the results. We supply two of each fly in two sizes (10's & 12's), in total there are 16 flies.

CdC Mayfly Dun

This fly sits in the surface film of the water and imitates the emerging mayfly. These are best tied with CdC as this sits above the surface film and can be easily identified. A great pattern for those early hatches.

Loopwing Mayfly

The most effective fly I used last year as a mayfly imitation. With its looped wing behind the thorax, this fly just needs a little floatant (easily added to the loop) and it will float all day!


Mayfly Spinner

Once the mayfly has returned to the water to lay its eggs, they die and float on the surface, this is the spinner. The spinner is an easy target for Trout, and they can gorge on them in the early evenings.

Stillborn Mayfly

Slightly darker in colour to the spinner, some mayflies die as soon as they hatch. Again (as in the spinner above) these are an easy target for trout, sometimes they actively target these in preference to the hatching flies.

Here's just a few of the reviews our customers have written regarding our Mayflies:

Go on, you know you want to!

Our Mayfly Infographic

Here's a snippet of the Mayfly Infographic that we've produced (please forgive the rather 1970's looking anglers - they are the best we could find!), this is just a shortened version - we will publish it in full in the coming weeks, but for now:

We've much more on the Mayfly coming to your inbox over the next few weeks - including our Mayfly Hatch Chat which will be with you on Saturday.

Have fun out there!