The Fishing Fly That Never Fails - It's Infallible

I'm really looking forward to this coming Bank Holiday Weekend - it will mark my first proper full days fishing with a dry fly - at least that's what I'm hoping for!

I will also be starting work on something pretty special - please see the 'plea for help' at the end of this email, it would be great if you could help. 

With my local - the Yorkshire Derwent (above) - looking in pristine condition, having been over the banks and the colour of drinking chocolate with the constant rain we've had recently. It is now back to the 'IPA colour' it normally has and is dropping - so the weekend is looking very promising.

With nymphs and weighted spiders - the Endrick's Spider is unbeatable on this river - being the order of play for the last few months, it's time to park the truck, grab my 'Spring' dry fly box - yes, I do have boxes for each part of the season - and head out in search of rising fish.

"What flies are in your 'Spring' fly box?" - I hear you ask.

Well - the first fly which really starts getting fish breaking the surface on our local is the Iron Blue.

The Iron Blue is a member of the Baetis family - there are three Iron Blues native to the UK, these are Alainites muticus, Baetis niger and Baetis digitatus.

Iron Blue is a term used by anglers to represent all three of these different insects - which are very similar. Iron Blue's are only found in running water, it does not seem to matter the strength of the flow.

Image supplied courtesy of Dave Southall - thank Dave, you're a star.

Iron Blue's are easily identified in early and late seasons (as at present everything seems to be running at least 2 weeks late with the cold snap we're having) as they will be one of the only up-winged species to be seen, with a dark blue/purple body and light wings with dark grey veins. Iron Blues are only fairly small, measuring roughly 1cm long (a size 14 to 16 hook).

If you do manage to get out and about this weekend, keep an eye out for the Iron Blue (they should be hatching any time now for the next month).

I've found that in the very early part of the Iron Blue hatch, the very best fly to use is the Infallible Klinkhammer:

As it's name would suggest ... The Infallible Klinkhammer is a 'sure thing' - well, about as near as you can get for this time of year!

As luck would have it, we now have them in sizes ranging from 12's right down to 18's, and all needing a new home in your very own 'Spring' fly box:

The Infallible Klinkhammer Selection - one of our Spring flies.

A version of the popular Klinkhamer. Tied with a salmon-pink post, hares ear body and a short red tail section around the bend of the hook.

It's easily seen in all conditions - especially good when Iron Blue's are on the water.

Our new selection of Infallible Klinkhammers contains 12 Iron Blue imitations - 3 each of sizes 12, 14, 16 & 18 - all you need for a great day on the water as soon as the Iron Blue's appear.

*** We've only got around 40 of these selections available, so you will need to be quick if you would like a set for this Bank Holiday Weekend ***

Our Infallible Klinkhammer Selection is available from our website for only £15, which includes FREE delivery in our eco-friendly packaging to anywhere in the world.

Please Note: If you would like a set of these Infallible Klinks to use this weekend, please select the 1st Class postage option at the checkout and so long as you order before 1pm today (Thursday 27th April), we will ship it to you so you receive them in time for the holiday weekend.

Go on, you know you want to!

This is a bit of a strange one, but we're sure one of our eclectic email community might be able to help us out ...

Q. Do you, or anyone you know, work with or in the jewellery/precious metals industry?

If so, and you'd like to help, would you get in touch with us - just reply to this email and I will contact you.

We are working on something pretty special for next year (our 10-year anniversary) which is going to take quite a lot of planning and we want to make a start now.

All very hush-hush for now, but as soon as we can give you more details you will be the first to know - in fact, you will be integral to it!

Tight lines & have fun.\

P.S. Much more information will be winging its way to your inbox on Saturday morning with our Hatch Chat - all about the Iron Blue.