The fifth in our series of 'All You Need For ...' kits - fill your boots.

Give yourself the best possible chance of snagging your season's best this Autumn.

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It is often said that to catch a big fish you need a big fly – that’s not necessarily the case – but usual in the late trout season, in my experience the one fly fishing method which more often produces the bigger fish is streamer fishing. Streamers are large lures which are tied in various patterns – but they all imitate one thing, small fish. Not much can compare to the adrenaline rush when you see a large trout chasing your streamer!

The 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.

All You Need For ... Streamer Fishing is supplied to you with everything you need for those late-season trips to the water searching for those larger fish.

Show me All You Need For ... Streamer Fishing

Ok, so whats included in the box?

To start with we have Squirrel Zonkers from Polish Quills - the best in the business:

Next, we have Minnows, Snakes & Micro Streamers

And don't forget the Micro Hot-Spot Larvo-Streamers:

And last, but not least, a few extra's:

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What streamers are included in the box:

• 1 x Squirrel Zonker (Natural) - Size 8
• 1 x Squirrel Zonker (Rusty Brown) - Size 8
• 1 x Squirrel Zonker (Golden Olive) - Size 8
• 2 x 'The Minnow' - Sizes 10 & 12
• 4 x Snakes (White, Olive & Black)
• 4 x Pink Mini Streamers - Sizes 10 & 12
• 4 x White Mini Streamers - Sizes 10 & 12
• 2 x Mini Hot-Spot Larvo Streamers - Size 12

A total of 19 Streamers (in various sizes).

You're going to need more than just the flies though, so we're also including:

• 1 x MagMicro (new for 2021) including a MagHub backing plate - to keep your flies nice and safe
• 1 x Varivas Super Tippet (Fluorocarbon) 4X (5.1lb)
• 1 x Set of knot cards for the various knots used
• 1 x How to Setup & Fish Streamers Information Sheet

Go on, treat yourself this Autumn!

Ok you got me - take me to the Streamer Fishing box

We are bringing our All You Need For ... Streamer Fishing box to you for only £49.99 (retail price for all the individual components bought separately would be in excess of £69). We've only got 20 of these available, so you will need to be quick! 

Just click on any image or button within this email to see more details on each component and buy your box.

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If you like the look of any of the streamers included in this box, the majority can be bought individually, click the button below to view them

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How To Fish Streamers

Included within the 'All You Need For ... Streamer Fishing' set are full instructions on how to choose your gear, set it up and fish it, here's a quick excerpt on 'rod choice':

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Each of our 'All You Need For ..' boxes includes simple step-by-step instructions and everything you need to get you started. If there are any others which you think we should do, just reply to this email and let us know.