Ring ... Ring ... Hello - Do you sell maggots?

Phone rings ...

"Do you sell maggots?"

"No, we're a fly fishing shop, but we can point you to somewhere that does."

We must have the above conversation at least twice a day - our local coarse fishing shop will be doing a roaring trade in maggots with the amount of business we put their way!

The other question we get asked at least twice a week is:

"Do you sell barbless hooks?"

We've always had to answer "No" to this one, but not anymore ...

With over half a million barbless hooks passing through our doors every year, we know a thing or two about barbless hooks.

When we originally started our business we had to sign an agreement with a hook manufacturer which restricted us to only sell their hooks as a part of a fully tied fly.

Now that we are a bit bigger, and due to the number of hooks we buy, we've come to an agreement where we can now resell the barbless hooks on their own, for all of you who prefer to 'roll your own' flies.

Today, we are launching our very own brand of barbless hook - BEKKR.

Here in North Yorkshire, our local dialect and place names are heavily influenced by the Vikings. All of our small streams are called 'Becks', so we did a little research and thought it only right that we name our new barbless hook range after the original Old Norse for a small stream or brook, which is Bekkr:

I'm sure you are already aware that there is no real standard across different hook manufacturers as far as hook sizes go. A size 14 from one well-known manufacturer is the same as a size 10 from another - all very confusing!

So what makes us different ... It's all about the detail.

We've taken the time to measure every single style and size of hook with a micrometre and actually tell you its dimensions - both length and gape - so you can judge for yourself which one is most suited for the fly you are tying, for example:

Today we are really proud to be launching the BEKKR barbless hook range, which includes the following styles of hook:

  • Dry Fly
  • Wide Gape Jig
  • Caddis Pupa
  • Czech Nymph
  • Shrimp/Scud

N.B. We've also got a really nice BEKKR launch offer for you - keep reading to the end of this email to find out more.

But enough of the blurb, here are some images of the hook styles we are launching today:

To see an overview of the full hook range (and see each hook style in more detail), either click on the button below, or keep reading.

Here's each of the hook styles in a little more detail, just click any of the images below to view (and buy) them:


We are supplying each of the above hook styles in packs of 20 hooks for only £4.00 per pack - which includes free delivery in our eco-friendly reusable hook packaging.

Please Note: Each pack of barbless hooks contains a minimum of 20 hooks, they have been hand packed by weight so there may be 21 in a pack - but we'll let you have any extras on us!

But wait, there's more:

Special BEKKR Hooks Launch Offer

With today being the launch of this new range for us, we are offering a 'Buy 3 Packs & Get The 4th Pack FREE' deal - just add the packs to your basket and the discount will be automatically applied. In effect, this gives you a 25% discount on our BEKKR hooks - bargain!

This offer applies to all our BEKKR hooks - i.e. you could buy a pack of each style in a size 14 and the offer will be applied automatically.

Any Fly Tying Plans?

For all of you who are wondering if this is the start of us catering for those of you who 'tie rather than buy', let's just say we are fly-tie-curious, keep an eye on this new menu option on our site:

We think you will be happy with what we've got planned over the coming weeks!

Tight lines & happy tying.