Psycho Rhyaco's

Psycho Rhyaco's

Rhyacophila are Caddis larvae - found in virtually all flowing water in the UK. It’s a "Caseless Caddis" - meaning it doesn’t build itself a case from the river bed. Very similar in style, size and form to a shrimp/scud these Caddis prefer shallow riffles and often get caught up in currents, making them easy pickings for Trout & Grayling. With the help of Stan (of Ceramic Flies) we have created this selection of Barbless Rhyacophila Larvae which should be one of your first patterns to use when searching a river. These flies have segmented bead bodies and tied with black dubbing heads (just like the real thing), then a coloured UV shell is applied, making them virtually indestructible! These rhyacophila larvae are specifically designed for UK rivers and are uncanny imitations of the natural invertebrates found throughout the UK.

Here we have a selection of 8 Rhyacophila Larvae, four different patterns, two of each in size 12. Due to the amount of time taken and the cost involved, we only have 25 of each fly, therefore only 12 selections are available, you will have to be quick!

Once again here at Barbless Flies, we are making the flies available to you either as a selection (for £20), or as individual flies (at £2.75 each). We know these are quite expensive flies, but we think you will agree the quality is stunning (and they catch fish!).

Go on you know you want to!

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