Piquing A Fishes Interest with A-lure-ing Flies

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Micro Lure Selection

A-lure-ing Flies

We have an informal family motto which is:

" si unus es habiturus, magnus es"

which translates to:

"if you're going to have one, get a big un"

We're not that grand really, but the saying is often quoted when buying chocolate, beer and cars. The above motto was brought to mind just recently when chatting with the guys who tie for us, we were discussing flies to catch big fish - streamers were the obvious choice, but I wanted to do something a little bit different, so we decided to take a selection of tried and tested lures and slim them right down and tie them on much smaller hooks than normal.

In this email, we are bringing to you our NEW selection of Barbless Micro Lures, flies which are equally as successful fished in both Stillwaters and Rivers.

As the weather starts to turn cooler, fish in both rivers and stillwaters are actively on the hunt for food. If you've been in - or on the edge of - any water over the last few weeks you will have noticed that the amount of small black fry has been building up day by day. These juvenile fish are classed as the 'main course'  where trout are concerned! 

If you read towards the end of this email you will also find some great tips on how to fish these lures (and streamers) with a free download of our Streamer & Lure Manifesto.

A lure is not really imitating any specific lifeform in the water - although originally designed to imitate small fish/fry - they are more used to provoke the fish's interest and they take it more out of curiosity/anger. To a trout these patterns seem very much alive when any action is imparted to them - therefore these are fished quite actively - see below.

Our new Micro Lure Selection contains 24 lures in total, 8 patterns - 3 of each in a size 14. The patterns included in our Micro Lure Selection are:

  • Olive Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14
  • Dennis Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14
  • Black Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14
  • Kingfisher Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14


  • Black Cat Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14
  • White Cat Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14
  • Pin Head Fry Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14
  • Black Nuke Micro Lure - 3 each of size 14

Our Barbless Micro Lure Selection, containing 24 flies is available only as a selection for £32, including free delivery.

In fact, because of our discount tiers, just add this selection to your basket and it will automatically be discounted by 5% as it's over £30 - how's that for a bargain!

We only have 20 of these selections available, so if you would like one you will need to be quick!

It is often said that to catch a big fish you need a big fly – that’s not necessarily the case – but usual in the late trout season, in my experience the one fly fishing method that more often produces the bigger fish is lure fishing.

Lures are tied in various patterns – but they all imitate one thing, small fish. Not much can compare to the adrenaline rush when you see a large trout chasing your lure near the surface!

Our Streamer & Lure Manifesto aims to introduce you to one of the most productive fly fishing styles to catch the bigger fish in the water. The key to lure fishing, as any fly fishing method, is to know when and where to use it.

Do not be put off using lure - even on smaller waters, with your existing kit you will have all the equipment you need, you just need to change your approach – and maybe buy a few extra lure patterns if the bug really bites you!

If I've piqued your interest in lures, take a look through all of the lures we have to offer here.

Tight lines & stay safe.