Mutual Assured Success - Broadening Our Horizons

September is the time of year when our 'executive marketing team' - Jack and I - sit down and start to work through our plans for the next year.

During a discussion yesterday over a proper coffee - we both drink far too much of it - we started to talk over our plans for 2023.

We're only a small family business (all be it, one which is growing quite quickly, thanks to you guys telling your friends about us), we know that to manage our growth we need to expand our reach a little, which is the reason for this email.

We always try to have a bit of fun with everything we do - we've got some plans already at the ideas stage, one of which we think will generate national coverage.

We have a large community who receive our regular emails - but we've no idea who any of you actually are, for all we know you may be involved in a business with an outlook similar to ours.

So with this email, we are reaching out to you guys, to ask if there is anyone already in our community who would like to partner with us to do something fun and engaging next year.

We are looking to partner with other companies (not necessarily in the Fieldsports/Outdoors arena) where we can combine our skills/products/ideas/audiences to the benefit of all our communities.

If you think that your company/organisation could benefit from a partnership with us, please get in touch with me (just reply to this email) and I'll grab a coffee and we can have a chat.

Thanks for your time on a Saturday!