Launching Today - NEW for ALL Stillwater Fly Anglers in the UK

If you're into fishing Stillwaters - you're going to love this!

Building on our previous Stillwater Almanac we are proud to release our new & updated version. We've taken on board feedback from previous issues of our Almamancs - the main negative being that the book was too big to carry around with you. One other issue we found was that we were essentially writing a variation on the same theme each year - as weather conditions and insect hatches don't alter much from year to year.

So, for this year we have made two very important changes:

  1. We've made it physically smaller - it is A6 (4.1" x 5.8") rather than A5. We've kept the font sizes the same and doubled the number of pages!  It now fits nicely in your pocket or glovebox.
  2. We've made the Diary/Catch Return portion a separate book in itself (which is supplied FREE with The Stillwater Almanac). This means that next year, you only need to replace the Diary/Catch Return (at £2.99) to keep a record of your adventures.

Doing all of the above has allowed us to cut our production costs, meaning we can pass these savings on to you.


This year we've also added a Leather Edition to keep both your Almanac and Diary/Catch Return nice and tidy - and best of all it's only £18.99 (that's £1 cheaper than the paperback edition from last year)! The leather covers have a soft feel and are very hard-wearing.

When you buy either of the physical versions of our Stillwater Almanac (Leather for only £18.99 or Paperback for only £12.99) you also receive the Diary/Catch Return Book free of charge.

And, we are bringing this to you, our loyal community, first.

This is a journal to accompany you throughout your fly fishing year. Something you can annotate and make notes in, allowing you to refer back to in years to come - helping you ‘crack the code’ on those difficult days. We’ve called it an Almanac as it takes its inspiration from a few different sources, think of it as a cross-over between:

Old Moore’s Almanac - An annual publication that prophecies what will happen throughout the year - only this one is fly fishing related.

The Fly Fishers Entomology - A seminal publication from 1836 by Alfred Ronalds, the first to detail fly life from the angler's point of view.

A Moleskine Diary - As used by Van Gogh, Picasso & Ernest Hemingway

Our Stillwater Almanac follows the stillwater fly anglers year - starting in March and ending in February - detailing the hatches and flies to use for each month. Here's an excerpt from July:

I'm a firm believer that each stillwater has its own nuances as far as fishing (and the fish contained within it) are concerned and that the most successful anglers on any given water are the ones with the most experience of it.

Generally in life, there are no shortcuts, but there are ways to help your experience along a little quicker - and owning The Stillwater Fly Anglers Almanac is one of them!

We are today launching The Stillwater Fly Anglers Almanac. It's 140 pages long and we have three different editions for you to choose from:

  • Leather Edition - only £18.99
  • Paperback Edition - only £12.99; and
  • Digital Edition - only £5.99

You can see more sample pages by clicking on any image or button contained in this email.

Not convinced yet? Here's what some of our customers said about our previous edition (and this one is even better) ...


Tight lines, happy reading & have fun.