Jeux sans frontières' - Play Your Bosnian Joker

Here we have a unique Winter pheasant tail nymph selection for you from our man in Bosnia. These Tungsten 'Joker' Pheasant Tail Nymphs (PTN's) are specifically chosen to give you the widest possible choice, no matter which water conditions you face (big and heavy nymphs for the higher water levels, light(ish) for the lower ones). These flies will work in any conditions and any style of fishing - but they excel at any of the short-line nymphing disciplines (Euro, French, Spanish etc) - they also make fantastic nymphs for fishing deep on stillwaters.

We've made this fly selection available either with (or without) a Slimline Silicone Fly Box.

*** We've only 40 of these selections - so you will need to be quick ***

Here we present our Bosnian 'Joker' Pheasant Tail Nymphs, in four different patterns:

  • Peacock Ice PTN
  • Black Ice PTN
  • Double Tungsten PTN
  • Natural Ice PTN

We are making these available to you only as a selection. The selection contains 3 (three) of each pattern - in total there are 12 Joker Nymphs. All tied on size 14 barbless hooks with 3.0mm and 2.5mm tungsten bead heads.

The Bosnian 'Joker' PTN selection is available for £22.50 supplied in our eco-friendly packaging, or for £28.50 (which includes a Slimline Silicone fly box - RRP £8.99).

We only have a small number of these available (40 to be exact), so you will need to be quick!

Click any button or image to go direct to the page where you can see the nymphs in more detail.

Our Bosnian Joker PTN Selection contains:

Peacock Ice Pheasant Tail Nymph

One of the most successful nymphs on any water is the red-neck pheasant tail nymph with peacock dubbing (tied on size 14 barbless hook) with a silver 2.5mm tungsten bead. If peacock dubbing is not enough ... we've also added a Veevus Orange hot-spot covered with Raidzap UV glue. This is one of the first Jokers I play. Our selection contains 3 of these tied on size 14 hooks.

Black Ice Pheasant Tail Nymph

What to say about Black Ice Pheasant Tail - this has worked wonders for me! Tied on a size 14 barbless hook, with a black tungsten bead. This is the first fly I tie on when I'm searching the water. This fly uses extra-fine dubbing, ribbed with rainbow ice, the thorax is covered with ice flash to entice even the pickiest of fish (especially in coloured water). The Orange hot-spot is covered with Raidzap UV thin resin. Our selection contains 3 of these tied on size 14 hooks.

Double Tungsten Pheasant Tail Nymph

Ok, you get to the bank and the water is high, fast and coloured, what do you do? Fish are on the bottom and you need to get your fly down quickly to have any chance at all. Try a Double Tungsten PTN ... Guess what? ... it works ... Tied on a size 14 wide gape jig hook with a 3mm Gold tungsten bead and a 2.5mm Orange tungsten bead for extra weight. The body is made from natural top quality pheasant tail centre feathers. Our selection contains 3 of these.

Natural Ice Pheasant Tail Nymph

Taking the standard pheasant tail nymph that one step further ... The Natural Ice PTN. Tied with an Ice thorax, Wild Cat dubbing, a Copper tungsten bead and an Orange hot-spot, now that's a realistic and outstanding combination. The body is tied using natural pheasant tail, ribbed with copper wire. Both the Orange hot-spot and thorax cover are coated with Raidzap thin UV resin. Our selection contains 3 of these tied on a size 14 hooks.

We only have a limited number of these Bosnian Joker PTN's, so if our previous offerings from Bosnia are anything to go by, you will need to be quick off the mark!

These flies are only available as a selection (12 flies in total) for £22.50 (or £28.50 which includes a Slimline Silicone Fly Box), click any button or image to view each of these nymphs and the selection in more detail.


Tight lines.