It's Dynamite Harry - A NEW Feathersmith Kit Launch

We have a NEW fly for you today - it's Swedish, and you make it yourself - there's an obvious parallel with a very well-known furniture company that has a blue and yellow logo - however, we've resisted the urge to call it the 'IKEA fly'.

Today we are launching a NEW Feathersmith Kit ... and this is a special one, with a Nordic twist ... it's one of your 'Summer season essentials' and it's really easy to tie!

But first ...

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have taken the time to leave us a review of our fly-tying kits, we especially liked this one from Kevin:

Red-Neck Hare's Ear Tungsten Nymph

Following along the line of "flies which are successful and work almost everywhere", this month we're releasing one which is gaining notoriety on both Rivers and Stillwaters - especially in the summer as the weather gets warmer.

You may never have heard about it - most anglers who use it want to keep it a secret!

This is a simple but deadly pattern - I believe this pattern is so successful because of the way it's tied - very sparse. This pattern has its origins in Sweden and was a staple in my own fly box last summer - someone has the test the flies out!

It's available in 'kit form' and comes from Sweden and we're still resisting the urge to make a joke about IKEA.

"What's the fly called?" - It's a Dynamite Harry:

Grayling Steel Blue


If you keep on reading you can find out much more about the new Dynamite Harry Feathersmith kit, but first ...

Just as a quick reminder, here's what's included when you purchase one of our Feathersmith pattern-specific kits:

  1. A kit full of world-class materials (Semperfli, Ahrex, etc.) - more than enough to tie all 30 flies in the kit
  2. A 'here's one I made earlier' sample pre-tied fly - for this kit you get one of each variant sample tied flies
  3. A tutorial detailing the history of the fly you are tying
  4. A video tutorial of how to tie each variant of the fly - presented by a professional fly tyer
  5. A video tutorial of how to get the best when fishing your finished fly

Contained inside each kit is a leaflet which will direct you to a secret page on our website where all the videos (and more information on the pattern) can be accessed.

One quote you will hear time and again when fly tying is:

"It's more expensive to tie your own flies than it is to buy them."

Not anymore it isn't, our Feathersmith kits allow you to tie a stunning pattern with the very best materials available - all for less than £1 per fly - now that is great value.

Introducing ... The Dynamite Harry

This eigth in our series of kits focuses on the Dynamite Harry - a very versatile pattern you should have in your fly box because it's one pattern that can be fished all Summer long and is a great 'general impression' of a whole host of up-winged insects found on the water in June, July & August.

This little gem of a fly has its origins in the dark forests of Dalarna in Sweden. The fly is kind of an all-round fly, depending on size, volume and colour it can mimic most winged critters from small midges to mayflies, emergers and duns. The key to this pattern is to get a very light fly with a delicate footprint.

The fly has gone from being a secret in the originator, Jörgen Danielsson´s flybox to a fly which adorns many fly anglers boxes in Sweden and beyond. This version of the Barbless Dynamite Harry has been tied with instructions from Mr Danielsson himself - and he has even given the finished fly his seal of approval.

As well as being a great fly to use throughout the summer months, It also has the added bonus of being pretty easy to tie.

Red-Neck Hare's Ear Tungsten Nymph Kit

* No, the Cottarelli vice and tools are not included in the kit!

Red-Neck Hare's Ear Tungsten Nymph

Our Dynamite Harry kit includes:

  • AHREX FW525 hooks (10 each of sizes 14, 16 & 18)
  • Semperfli White Nano Silk
  • Superfine Olive Dubbing
  • Z-Lon Grey Post Material
  • Coachman Brown Hackle
  • Pre-Tied Sample Dynamite Harry

All of the above high-quality materials combined make a quality fly which is straightforward to tie.

Contained inside each kit is also a leaflet which will direct you to a secret page on our website where all the videos (including Kenan's Beginners Fly tying series) can be accessed.

Our Feathersmith Dynamite Harry kit is now available for only £30. At less than £1/fly, that's great value for money.

*** Go on, you know you want to. Our Feathersmith kits are perfect to while away the hours when the rivers are unfishable and at less than £1/fly they offer great value ***

Try Our Other Feathersmith Kits -

Perfect Summer Ties!

We've now built up quite a range of Feathersmith kits. We have you covered for the most successful flies no matter what month you are fishing.

Take a look at these two kits below. The Griffith's Gnat is perfect for those post-mayfly sessions, whilst The Jingler is perfect for warm afternoons on the water, picking off hatching Olives.

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 *** Go on, you know you want to. Our Feathersmith kits are perfect to while away the hours when the rivers are unfishable and at less than £1/fly they offer great value ***

More Nice Words About Our Kits!

But, I've Never Tied A Fly Before!

Don't worry, we've got you covered ...

We know that our Feathersmith kits appeal to both the beginner and more experienced fly tyers, and since launching our first kits we've had quite a few enquiries asking if we could provide a 'basic set of skills' course to help those of you just starting out on this fantastic hobby.

Kenan Haseta is a professional fly tyer and keen fly angler, he's a regular visitor to the Ribnik to test out his creations, he's also 'our man in Bosnia' and has been tying stunning 'one-off' creations for us for the last few years, his tying skills are second to none.

We've asked Kenan a few times if he would share his experience and skills in video format - he's pretty shy and always wanted to be behind, rather than in front, of the camera. So we twisted his arm a little and he's agreed:

Kenan has created a set of 'basic skills' videos for us, with detailed explanations of all the tools, vices, hooks, materials and how to dress a hook.

Kenan's 'Fly Tying for Beginners' video series is available for FREE to everyone.

Just Getting Started, Or Fancy A New Vice?

If you are looking to get started on your fly-tying odyssey, or just want to upgrade to something really nice, we have a few different options for you. 

We know nobody actually needs a new vice, but they are things of beauty.

We only offer vices, tools and materials which we use ourselves, know and trust - that's why we contacted two of the most respected brands in the vice world - Renzetti & Stonfo.

The majority of you will have come across Stonfo before - they are an Italian brand and are very well known for producing high-quality, well-engineered products at very reasonable prices.

For example, we have one of their pedestal vices available (below) for only £119.99, which includes a free toolkit - everything you need to get you started on your fly-tying odyssey: 

Please Note: Due to dealership restrictions, we can only deliver our vices to UK addresses.

If you would like to see all of the vices we have available, please click on the button below - there are some stunning vices!

 In the meantime, tight threads and have fun at the vice.