It looks like we've opened Pandora's Box ...

As you are already aware, a few weeks ago I sent an email asking all of you for your feedback. As always, you were more than forthcoming with your comments (both good and bad - which is exactly what we wanted), but it turns out that I inadvertently opened Pandora's Box:

One of the overwhelming themes of your comments were surrounding our fly-tying kits and step-by-step fly-tying videos - an area of our sport to which we hadn't previously paid much attention.

As an example, we had comments along the lines of:

"It's a bit like Lego for fly tyers"

"Your tying kits are great, but how do I top them up once I've tied all the flies"

"I wish you would do for fly tying what you've done for pre-tied flies"

This last comment stopped me in my tracks, so I replied to the customer who commented, asking if he could expand on what he meant.

Essentially, he wanted us to provide the same service, education/information and quality products specifically aimed at fly tyers (just like we do at Barbless Flies for pre-tied flies).

Now, I'm no expert fly tyer, however, I do manage to fool the odd fish into taking one of my creations - so why couldn't we give it a go? I could improve my tying skills alongside our customers on the same journey - it could be a lot of fun!

As we already had a brand of sorts for our fly-tying kits (Feathersmith), the obvious name for this new venture was already there:

So rather than dipping a toe in the water we've dived straight in, we've taken our profits from the last couple of years (the fly fairies are not impressed - they were hoping for a party), invested in stock, called in a few favours and surrounded ourselves with people who do know how to tie a mean fly - and created a new fly tying one-stop-shop, which we're launching today and it's called - Feathersmith:

This site is completely separate from Barbless Flies - if we're going to do this, we are going to do it right and have a separate site dedicated to fly-tying in all its various (art) forms.

We've negotiated access to some great products from very well-respected brands such as:

  • Renzetti
  • Marc Petitjean
  • Semperfli
  • Stonfo
  • Vicuna Dubbing; etc

We're catering for all skill levels, from complete beginners (there's a 7-step video course to get you up and running quickly) to the more advanced tying skills - with lots of step-by-step video tutorials on the site for you to learn from and use the skills in your own creations:

As well as being a permanent home for our fly-tying kits (more of which to follow in the next couple of weeks), this is also a home for virtually all of your fly-tying requirements, we've:

  • Vices - Renzetti, Stonfo, Scottie etc
  • Tools - Renomed, Stonfo etc
  • Hooks - BEKKR
  • High-Density Tungsten Beads
  • Top Quality Materials - CdC, Dubbing Blends, Threads, Silks, Yarns etc

We've even got a special offer for the first 50 customers to the website of a free pair of precision fly-tying shears:

As mentioned above, we're well stocked with lots of the best quality tools and materials - so many that this email would get pretty boring to list them all - so I'd like to just pick out a couple for your attention:

We've managed to source the entire range of Renzetti vices, all made in the USA and available from only £280.

If you don't already know, Renzetti are probably the best vice manufacturer in the world, the quality of engineering behind these is outstanding.

As well as stocking the most popular Traveler series, we've also managed to get hold of 2 super rare Special Edition vices (the Olive Green and Blue anodised ones below), we only have one each of these and they are available today for £395 - if you want one (and who wouldn't), grab one quick, they will not hang around at this price:


For more detailed images and specifications of the Renzetti vices, please visit our website by clicking on any image or button above.

Vicuna Dubbing are artisans, producing high-quality fly-tying dubbing products in small quantities by hand, using locally sourced alpaca in East Anglia (UK).

Alpaca wool has a naturally hollow fibre allowing it a certain amount of buoyancy in the water; however through processing the material it absorbs water slightly allowing wet fly patterns to sink with ease. On the cast, the dubbing sheds water easily - allowing that perfect presentation every time.


For more detailed images and colours of the Vicuna Dubbing products, please visit our website by clicking on any image or button above.

Be Inspired ...

Fly tying is all about inspiration. I think this quote I once heard sums it up perfectly:

"At its core, fly tying is an art form that marries creativity with functionality, transforming the tying vice into a canvas and feathers into brushstrokes."

If you would like to be inspired and follow my own fly-tying enlightenment, please consider joining the Feathersmith email community - I will only send at most 1 email per week - each one will be inspiring and educational!

Being a member of the email community also has its benefits - you get free access to all of our step-by-step fly-tying videos.

Click the button below to join:

Tight threads and wish us luck!