How Do You Knit A Fly - You Don't, Our Man In Bosnia Has Done It For You

Our man in Bosnian has been at it again ...

Bosnian Woven Nymphs

Woven Nymphs - once the preserve of the competition angler (due to the complexity of weaving the bodies), and now available to us mere mortals.

These nymphs all have woven two-tone bodies, the amount of skill required to tie these properly is amazing:

Here we present our Bosnian Woven Nymphs, in four different body colour variations:

  • Natural & Cream
  • Olive & Cream
  • Purple & Black
  • Orange & Champagne (Buck's Fizz)

We are making these available to you only as a selection, tied on Ahrex FW551 Mini Jig size 14 barbless hooks with 3.5mm slotted tungsten bead heads, click any button or image to go direct to the page where you can see each of the nymphs in much more detail.

But keep reading for much more detail on these stunning creations ...

Ephemera are one of the most common nymphs found in virtually all rivers, these nymphs are found on rocks, sand and all types of gravel, so we decided to try and make an imitation as realistic as we could.

The perfect imitation has to imitate the body colour, thorax and legs .... so we decided that a woven nymph is a perfect combination of back and thorax colour, with the woven segmentation imitating the thorax.

Cream & Champagne coloured thread underwater changes colour, to the correct shade. With a dubbed thorax and a hot-spot orange collar. These are all tied with either black or gold 3.5mm tungsten slotted beads.

These flies are tied to represent the ephemera nymphs commonly seen on our riverbeds. The 'real-life' nymph body looks something like this:

Our imitation woven nymph looks like this:

I think you will agree that the woven design running throughout the body of the nymph makes these look very like the real thing (if you sort of ignore the sharp metal hook hanging out of the end!).

Our Bosnian Woven Tungsten Nymph Selection contains 16 nymphs (4 different bofy colours, 4 of each, all tied on the highest quality size 14 jig hooks).

As we've only got 30 of these Bosnian Woven Nymph Selections available, we'll get straight down to the details. We are making these available today for only £32.00 for the full set - 4 each of the 4 different colours, all tied on size 14 Ahrex mini jig hooks. If you would like buy a set in one of our superb silicone boxes, you can opt to include one for only an extra £8

To view more details or buy one of our Bosnian Woven Tungsten Nymph Selections, just click on any image or button contained within this email.

Go on, treat yourself - you know you want to!

Tight lines and have a great day.

P.S. If you are reading this on Tuesday, then I will be somewhere over the Atlantic heading out on a 'fact-finding mission' to Canada:

You don't have to thank me, I'm always prepared to go that extra mile to bring you something a little different in the way of flies. I know it's a tough job, but someone has to do it on your behalf!

You will hear much more about my 'findings' throughout April.