Grayling Selection - Updated for 2022

Barbless Flies
As the Grayling season is drawing to an end (and the trout season getting ever
closer). We thought that a few tips specific to fishing for late-season
Grayling were in order:

Plus, we have a special offer, for this weekend only:

For ANY order which includes one of either our Updated for 2022 Grayling
Selections or our Unbreakable Nymph Selections, we will include a
FREE Haago Hand (or Toe) warmer. Never say we don't look after you!
Take a look below for more information on the flies included in our offer:
The Barbless Grayling Selection is a selection of 4 of the most popular styles of
weighted grayling nymphs, in total, there are 20 flies supplied in our eco-
friendly packaging. All of these nymphs are tied using barbless hooks, in sizes
10, 12, 14 and 16.

This selection is available for only £22, click any button or image above to view
the flies in more detail.

Guaranteed Heavy Ceramic Nymphs

You did read that correctly - we're guaranteeing these flies against
breakages for 1 year!

These flies are designed to be the point fly in a Czech/Euro-Style nymph
setup. We have had real success with these teamed up with our Polish Quills
Micro Jigs or Grayling Selection flies.

We have two separate Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Selections available for
you today:

Orange Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymph Selection
Copper Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymph Selection

Click on any button below to view these Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymphs:

Typical Grayling Leader Setup

Grayling nymphs are fished just as you would any other nymph - just remember
the golden rule "if you're not getting snagged on the bottom, you're not
fishing deep enough".

A normal river leader setup would be to add a short (12") indicator tippet
section to your fly line, to this add 1.5 x the depth of the water you are fishing of
tippet (4x or 5x), then the nymph (or a team of 2 nymphs).

If you want to go down the 'here's one I made earlier' route, then we've also got
you covered with the best in the business - The RIO Euro Nymph Indicator
leader. These 11’ leaders are built out of a high-vis milky white tapered leader
which is hand tied to 22” of RIO's Indicator Tippet material. This gives
maximum visibility in all lighting conditions to make subtle strike detection
easier. The leader ends with a tippet ring and requires you to attach you own
tippet to properly match the water type.
TOP TIP: If using a team of 2 nymphs, try putting the heaviest on a short
dropper about 12" above the point fly, this will then allow you to fish both
nymphs tight to the bottom.

Delivery News


We use Royal Mail for all of our deliveries, we send all orders on the day they
are ordered. We have been made aware that Royal Mail are currently
struggling with deliveries, to the point that some of the orders we are sending
out are arriving 10 days later (normally our Royal Mail
24 deliveries are received within 2 working days of us posting them, and Royal
Mail 48 deliveries within 5 working days).

We have recently added the 'Special Delivery' option on our checkout page
(which is at an extra cost), if you choose this, your order will be guaranteed
delivery by 1am the next working day (assuming your order is received before

What we can offer is - if you have not received your order within 10 days of
receiving a fulfilment email from us (i.e. the one which says our fly fairies have
worked their magic and your flies are on the way to you), let me know and I will
put a replacement order in the post to you (that way, it will double your chances
of receiving them!).

Tight lines & stay safe.