FLY: The Series - Launching Today

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It All Started With A ZX80 ...

When I was young, I was a bit of an odd child - I was very much into reading, quite analytical and had a real thirst for knowledge.

So much so, that I vividly remember when I was 10 my dad brought home a computer that you had to make yourself (a Sinclair ZX80 for those of you who are interested). I remember helping my dad make the kit, this started me on my journey of programming the thing.

Bear in mind this was 1980 and home computers had never been seen before, and the only way you could learn was to type in the program from pages in a magazine - you soon learned to touch type and debug code as the programs were sometimes over 30 pages long.


I used to spend hours typing the code in, only to find out that there was a mistake - sometimes mine, but usually the code was printed wrong in the magazine.

So being that type of child I used to write in to tell them, and then provide them with the correct code to print in the next issue - I'm sure I was a right pain in the a**e.

As you can imagine, this love of learning led to a love of books - one which I still follow now - even though I've left my life in IT behind, the fly fishing world has opened up a new joy as far as learning goes.

Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop

The love of fly fishing knowledge led me to one wet and cold day in October last year, stood in that fantastic second-hand book shop - Barter Books in Alnwick:

This bookshop is legendary, as far as book shops go, in that they have books on virtually every subject imaginable - and their fly fishing section is not too shabby.

It was whilst wandering around this old railway station full of second-hand books, that I came across what was one of my passions when I was younger - the Observer's Series of Books.

I used to love the way that it was a small book (which I could afford) and contained lots of information only related to a single, sometimes niche, subject. They also appealed to the collector in me, in that there were around 100 printed which looked great on a shelf!

For those of you who are uninitiated in the series that is Observer's, it was a series of small, pocket-sized books (for pocket money) published from 1943 to 2003. Aimed at children, but covering a wide variety of subjects, such as hobbies, art, history and wildlife - there was even one on fly fishing.

Stood there - taking in what Barters had to offer - it struck me, how come there's nothing like this available now - pocket-sized books, for pocket-money prices which take a niche subject and dive deep into it.

So, while we had some time on our hands over Winter, it's always a quiet time for us, we've done it ourselves:

We're super proud to present to you the 1st in a series of pocket-sized books at pocket-money prices - only £8.99:

Grab yourt Copy Now - €8.99

We've taken a subject within Fly Fishing - in the case of the 1st in the series - "Early Season River Fishing" - donned our budgie smugglers and done a deep dive into it:

The first in a series of collectable books on the various aspects of fly fishing. Each book takes a 'deep dive' into a niche aspect of fly fishing.

Grab yourt Copy Now - €8.99

This book, written by us and co-published by FlyFishMedia, contains a detailed analysis of how to approach fly fishing rivers in the early season (March & April).

Book Details:

Number of Pages - 78
Format - A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm)

In this book, you will discover how to identify the species of insects which are commonly found in UK rivers between March and mid-May. How to then imitate them with the most common fly patterns. This book also discusses the type of conditions you can expect to face and the various tips, tricks and techniques used the fish them. This book also includes leader configurations that use multi-fly rigs to get the best from the early season conditions.

Please Note: This is a physical book, printed in English.

Grab yourt Copy Now - €8.99

As we've no idea how well these will go, we've only had a limited run of 100 printed (we can do more at fairly short notice), so if you would like one of the first editions, grab yours now.

We hope you enjoy reading (and collecting them) as much as we have researching and putting them together.


P.S. We are hoping to release quite a few of these this year - roughly one every eight weeks - the next one is all about Mayfly fishing.